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‘Flag Day At Paradise – Match Day One Report’

On the day the championship flag was unfurled by the legendary Sean Fallon, the SPL’s bright new dawn promised so much. Indeed it promised so much that Neil Doncaster attended, no doubt taking time out from his ‘unofficial’ duties over at Ibrox. The flag raising ceremony over the North Stand celebrated 125 years  of Celtic Football Club, the championship […]

New website to expose liars and cheats in MSN and Scottish football

  A new web site has emerged to help fill the void left by the Rangers Tax Case. It’s called the Scottish Football Monitor . I’m sure many like my self welcome such a blog which will shine a light on the murky world of  Scotland’s main stream media or the Laptop Loyal as they are […]

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Well another SPL season is just around the corner, so it’s nearly time to look out your lucky scarf, fill yourself with the kind of optimism only possible before a ball has been kicked and of course prepare to renew old rivalries, only this time, this year like no other, everything is different, the game […]

'It's Not Me, It's You…It's Complicated!!'

  It has become something of a cliché, but “it’s a funny old game” has rarely been more accurate a statement. Celtic resisted all temptation to deliver a dose of verbal reality to both the Scottish mainstream media and to Sevco in the wake of another pantomime performance, nae a circus clown show by Mr Charles […]

"a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace"

Well it never took long for the ‘new’ Rangers to disgrace themselves. One match against Brechin City was enough to introduce a club in the lower divisions to sectarian songs and banners regarding paedophilia something the ‘new’ Rangers seem to feel is worth making fun out of. Charles Greens remarks about bigotry were both ill […]

'I'm Not anti-Sevco…I'm Just anti-Cheating!'

I have to admit, despite not being in the least bit surprised, being very, very disappointed by the joint announcement made yesterday by the SFA, the SPL and the SFL in regard of the future of Sevco, the business formerly known to many as the football club Glasgow Rangers. You see I always expected some dodgy, under-hand ‘compromise’ […]

'Pass Regan, Doncaster, Green, Longmuir or Ballantyne Your Dinner Plate…They Do A Mean Carve-Up'

So as most of this nation sat tuned into their televisions; million either watching some ridiculously over the top, attention seeking morons embroiled in a game of one up-manship with all the others who take part in the contest, or as the rest of this tasteless nation were, watching Big Brother! It was at that moment after […]

'I Despair Of Football, Of Celebrity & Of Missed Opportunities'

We appear to stand alone, you, I and the next member of the real Celtic family, the Bhoys, and of course the Ghirls, at the bottom of ladder. Yesterday I done an article on Kyle Whyte and I sent it far and wide. I sent it to many so-called celebs and appealed not for their money, […]