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FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice

FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice The plan by FAC to organise a protest at SNP Spring 2014 conference was made a few weeks before the event.  It was advertised on social media and on websites belonging to the organisations which make up FAC.  Nothing too earthshattering here it has to be said […]

The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals

The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals From the start let me make this perfectly clear. I am not writing this on behalf of FAC, The Celtic Trust or any other fan body. This is my personal view. The email campaign ran over the past two weeks calling for an early review of the  Offensive […]

Spot the difference(s)

Here is an unedited account of a conversation I had with Nicola Sturgeon regarding concerns over the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. This conversation took place on Monday the 12th of December 2011 (prior to the act becoming Legislation). Note some of Nicola Sturgeons answers back then and compare them […]

FAC. Danny's Story

I listened to Danny tell his story at the Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC) press conference last Friday. After a chat Danny kindly agreed to share his story with our readers. Danny’s Story On the 22nd of August 2010, on the day of the first home game of season 2010/2011, the Green Brigade unfurled a banner […]

bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act

So are we meant to be impressed by those figures ? 5.5 convictions per roughly 230,000 people per month is a bit crap if you want to claim that this ‘bigotry law’ is working. Here is a good question: How many of those convicted could have been convicted in law under the pre ‘Anti Bigotry’ laws ? […]

Pay back time for the SNP

Let me start by stating that I want Independence for Scotland, I intend to vote yes in the referendum in 2014. However in tomorrows coulncil elections I plan to vote for a local independent candidate. This will be my protest to remind the SNP that I am not happy at the way the Offensive Behaviour at […]

SNP in Secret talks with Rangers* ?

We have no way of verifying the legitimacy of this story which apparently appeared in the D*ily Rec*rd today. We where made aware of it by @stephend_1 on Twitter. The story goes as follows: Details of SNP talks Re Rangers “TOP SECRET” – DR today TALKS by the Scottish Government about crisis club Rangers have been marked “top secret”, […]

Remember today when you go to the ballot box

The SNP have got their way and pushed through an ill thought out and dangerous piece of legislation against the wishes of most of the country. They have succeeded in criminalising football supporters and done absolutely nothing about sectarianism in Scottish society. This smacks of narrow minded thinking and total arrogance. Will this law prevent RC Churches being vandalised […]