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I simply can not fcuking believe it.  My life seems full to overflowing with flabergastation (now there IS an Americanism if you ever saw one) of late.  A month or so ago we had the conclusion of the commission held under the “impartial” auspices of the “honourable”, for one must not judge lest he become […]

Reaction to the GB and Celtic Statements.

Now that we have had statements from both the Green Brigade and Celtic Football club we still await a statement from Strathclyde police on FOCUS operations. I won’t hold my breath. I welcome the Club’s statement regarding the safety and welfare of the supporters and the fact they have made it clear who fans can […]

TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade

Today is a sad day in our supports history. Regrettably the Green Brigade have been forced into making a stand against their treatment by Strathclyde Police and also to some extent the heavy handed stewarding in side Celtic Park in section 111. Although this boycott of two matches is as I have said is regrettable it is also sadly necessary […]

‘Four Outrageously Misguided, Menacing & Defamatory Charges…Now Publish A Grovelling Apology’

I hope sincerely that today is a watershed moment in Scottish media history, in Scottish footballing history and in Scottish societies history. Unfortunately I very much doubt it, indeed the only water I foresee being shed is a few tears of laughter from our fans, our people, our family. On Tuesday 24th of July, Celtic […]

'I Despair Of Football, Of Celebrity & Of Missed Opportunities'

We appear to stand alone, you, I and the next member of the real Celtic family, the Bhoys, and of course the Ghirls, at the bottom of ladder. Yesterday I done an article on Kyle Whyte and I sent it far and wide. I sent it to many so-called celebs and appealed not for their money, […]

Celtic Fans at the crossroad or stuck on a roundabout?

As this song debate rumbles one it must be remembered that it’s nothing new. My earliest memories are from when I travelled on the Supporters bus from Springburn. My Uncle was heavily involved with the CSC and helped set up the first Celtic social club in Springburn based at the old CO-OP building in Angus […]

Songs.Celtic fans must decide which are appropriate.

In August of this year, we ran two polls. Poll one was a simple question. Should fans sing IRA songs at the game? Poll two a more in depth question. From a list of 10 songs which ones were acceptable to be sung at Celtic games. For poll 2 everyone was allowed to vote for […]

FAC meeting abandoned after Scotland's Shame turn up.

The wife and myself made it down to Whitehill secondary for the FAC public meeting. We arrived around 12.45 and left by 1.00. We were really looking forward to to hearing the speakers and getting ideas on pushing the campaign forward. Unfortunately five minutes after we arrived a group of RFC casuals turned up and […]

Fans Against Criminalisation – The petition

We have followed the lead of other sites and added the Celtic Fans Against Criminalisation petition app to our site. No only will it be available on the front page of this site but we will also add it to every blog post we make until the petition closes. We are asking everyone who visits TCN to […]