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Peaceful Fans Attacked and Harassed

Police State Scotland Well done to Alex Salmond you got your way and gave your Police force the powers to carry out state condoned thuggery on peaceful protesters. Today my wife ,myself , hundreds of fans and the general public seen the state’s boot boys in all their fascist glory. How many times have you heard ‘everything was fine […]

Ibrox safety licence should be revoked immediately before someone is hurt.

An interesting article has appeared on http://www.philmacgiollabhain.ie tonight regarding advice given by the Police to employees of Duff and Phelps administrators re: They’re personal safety. According to the article  “The police have advised Rangers Administrators Duff & Phelps that they should not have anyone in the Director’s box tomorrow”. Following on from Celtic FC security warning to […]

Racism and Violence from Celtic fans should not be tolerated.

Over the weekend the good name of our club and our support was dragged through the mud with a halfwit on Twitter sending racist abuse to Rangers players and a group of thugs on a train beating up a young lad. I’m happy to say that these incidents have been whole heartedly condemned by the Celtic Family […]