The KANO Foundation

 Like Neil Lennon , The Kano Foundation is about to start it’s 3rd full season at Celtic Park.

Who? you say. The Kano Foundation. A group of volunteers set up in June 2010 to do one thing

to help deserving and disadvantaged children by offering them a (free) match-day experience at Celtic Park ..

Our aim is simple – take as many kids as possible to Celtic games and allow them to experience what we do as Celtic Supporters.

Last season, we took 600 children  to 17 league and 2 European games at Celtic Park.

They came from all over the UK, from as far afield as Aberdeen (for the 9-0 game) and Gloucester, from Renton to Linlithgow .

We took kids from children’s homes, from single-parent families, child-carers as well as football and GAA teams and after-care clubs .

The one thing they all had in common? They wanted to see Celtic play at Celtic Park. Oh, and they applied !

So, how can you?


Go to our website, where any group can apply to take kids to the game. Alternatively,contact us through twitter ( thekanofoundation ) or Facebook ( The Kano Foundation ) or by email  see site .

We only have 3 main criteria

  1. They need to demonstrate that they are deserving, either because they are contributing to their community or because they  need our support  , just like the groups Brother Walfrid was aiming to help.
  2. They need to be accompanied by responsible adults (disclosure checked).
  3. The children need to be under 13 years of age. 

Is it really free? Yes it is. Entry for up to 41 kids and 7 adults has been covered by donations from individuals and groups across the world.

Some people choose to donate as a 1-off, some have set up a bank order to pay £1 a week to us. £1 ! That allows 17 kids, over the course of the season to see Celtic play. We think that’s value for money.

Oh one final point. We ended the season with an unbeaten record,16 wins, 3 draws and 0 defeats .Here’s to continuing that in 2011-12 .

If you’d like more information or you can suggest a deserving group, please contact us; we’ll be only too happy to talk to you.


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