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About The Celtic Network

Welcome to TCN . We are here to provide a one stop resource for our supporters and football fans in general. TCN is a coalition of the best and most informative fan sites, blogs and podcasts available on the web and we hope more fans sites and associations will join us in the future.

Our mission is to give fans a free viable alternative to newspapers and their websites who often misrepresent our club and the fans. We will endeavour to tackle negative press stories in our blog page. News streams from the official club site and partner sites will be constantly updated 24/7, 365 days of the year to make sure fans have the latest and best news available.

We also provide a guide to Celtic FC online and a platform for Celtic charities and good causes to promote their social missions for free.

TCN is very much a work in progress and we fully intend to upgrade the look, feel and the content over time. Please contact us if you would like your site or supporters club added to TCN.

Hail, Hail


TCN does not accept responsibility or liability for the content on partner sites or any other site that may be linked from or to this site.

This site is in no way endorsed by or related to the Football Club or PLC.

Thank you for visiting. If you would like to add your site visit here. You can also register your supporters club here. For anything else please use our contact form.

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