You can't silence the truth anymore

The attempt to silence free speech by “Rangers Stakeholders” has backfired in spectacular fashion.

The attempt to “gag” Phil Mac Giolla Bhain by these so-called “stakeholders” has only served to highlight the desperate lengths that these people will go to try and silence the truth about the dire straits that RFC find themselves in.

These people are so hell bent on keeping the truth from RFC season ticket holders that they will stoop to the lowest levels possible to silence anyone who gives a true representation of the perilous state that RFC now find themselves in. Despite Mr Whyte’s assurances that 99% of these stories are crap.

If the articles by Phil and Rangers Tax Case are 99% crap why then have HMRC ring fenced millions of pounds of RFC’s money ?

The Irony of this pathetic attempt to choke the truth is that instead of silencing Phil they actually generated tens of thousands of web searches for because the site was down for 24 hours. 

Now even more people will read the articles that Phil has printed regarding RFC’s Tax case over the past year and a bit.

The main problem for the “Stakeholders” is that they don’t understand how communities on the internet react when someone tries to censor a journalist or blogger that they believe is exposing the truth.

Within hours of the site going down Phil was able to post a blog on TCN like any other partner he has the facility to publish on TCN at anytime. Shortly after he released another article on Scotzine. I also know that Phil was offered server space and other temporary solutions by several Celtic fan sites. I am happy to say that he is back up and running thanks to the guys at Celtic Minded.

The truth is you cannot silence the Celtic family or the truth anymore. If you try to take one fans media outlet down we will always have an alternative platform to air our views.

BBC Scotland and other media outlets are now increasingly dancing to a new tune. The tune of the truth.

We have moved into a new age where Celtic fans online media cannot be gagged or silenced anymore. The last 48 hrs proved that. 

6 thoughts on “You can't silence the truth anymore

  1. Forgive this slightly strange way of showing what has led to the mess we see today. Calculaters at the ready, begin.
    David Murray buys RFC + English teams banned from European football + millions spent on English players who would never have stepped into Scottish football if not for the ban (and the wages) + David Murray wants to win the European cup for RFC + he fails season after season + the rest of Scottish football, especially Glasgow Celtic, are forced to pay more to buy players and pay their wages + because they are spending so much on players and wages, RFC start breaking the law (Gary Stevens to a french club for £5.5 million and one year later, back at RFC, cost £2.3 million) + more costly players and greater wages at RFC + no European success + more law breaking in the form of tax dodging + Glasgow Celtic start winning the league (no CL group money for RFC) + debts at RFC are mounting up + more law breaking by RFC (£8 million for a player who cost nothing) + more homes have the internet and intelligent people are looking at RFC + the paranoid Glasgow Celtic supporter myth is falling apart + David Murray has been caught and wants out of RFC + Glasgow Celtic appoint Neil Lennon as manager + the true amount of the debt at RFC hits the internet, but not the printed media + the printed media starts a sectarian hate campaign against Neil Lennon to keep heads away from the RFC debt + HMRC visit RFC and are shown to the world in a photograph + RFC are still hiding the true amount of the debt and are still blaming others for their misdeeds + freedom of speech in the British Isles is attacked at the same time as British bombs fall on Libya = TODAY
    David Murray has destroyed RFC. David Murray has destroyed Scottish football. David Murray has destroyed the Scottish national football team. David Murray has destroyed Scottish society. David Murray has done a bunk. David Murray should lose his knighthood. David Murray is a guilty man.
    All this in his quest to make RFC, the second club from Scotland to win the European Cup.
    And to think, football was once “just a game”.

  2. Yeah,totally agree,times are a changing,we will not accept any of the lies anymore while we have guys like yourselves now telling us the truth and breaking these stories that these red top rags and ppl who are friends with some over Govan way will not.They will not be able to control and dictate the way our news will come and i agree with the point about trying to cover up free speech,sin which they take great pride in apparently when invading foreign lands like Iraq,Afghanistan,etc when they shout about bringing democracy to the ppl,aye right,keep up the great work lads!

  3. This is an appeal by the Disasters and Emergencies Committee:
    all over Scotland hundreds of blue top wearing peepil are crying into their pints, facing an uncertain future, being forced to flee their home, their loss of dignity is unimaginable, CAN YOU HELP?
    Only £2 a week will provide them with clean running water, £5 will buy a pie, £25 will sponsor a youth team player to ensure a sufficient numbers to contest the 3rd division.
    Remember, it’s hard when you are truely blew, so please give generously

    1. It appears it is. No doubt he’ll be back up or publishing somewhere soon. The truth must really hurt. Maybe it’s about time the UK concentrated on free speech at home before interfering elsewhere.

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