Scotzine Article on “so called Celtic fans”

Many Celtic fans like me were disappointed with the news that Islam Feruz decided to leave Celtic for Chelsea.
Of course we were disappointed especially given all the hard work that Tommy Burns and Celtic had put in to help both Islam and his family through troubled times.
Unfortunately some of our support and I would say a minority online decided to leave some unsavoury messages on facebook and other social media sites. Sadly, these days this is to be expected with open access and no moderation on Social Media platforms.

There could have been a balanced and objective view given on the subject however Scotzine decided to publish  a very one sided and unbalanced article regarding the Feruz story.
It’s easy to find people with negative and abusive views on the internet. However it is also just as easy to find people and quotes that are more balanced. I could not defend any of the abuse that Scotzine chose to print but I do feel that all their article achieved was to stir things up a bit more just to get hits.
It’s a well enough written article but it is totally negative and one sided. Those who posted the comments were tarred as “so called Celtic fans”. How on Earth can the author possibly judge if these people are true Celtic fans who turn up and pay their money or just “so called”?
It would not have took much to frame the article in context. Yes some of the comments are disgusting but what has driven certain people to make them? Where is the back story on exactly what Celtic football club and especially Tommy Burns did for Islam and his family? This may have gone a fair way to explain why people felt betrayed and angry even although it would not have justfied the comments left on facebook.
In a reply to Josh Gaffney the Author gives the following answer to justify the article
Josh it was only one fan who racially abused Diouf and was convicted, it was only one fan who attacked Neil Lennon live on television. It was reported only two individuals who sent bombs and bullets to Lennon in the post. Doesn’t matter if it is just one person or 50 people – it needs to be stamped out – no matter what club they support or claim to support.”
This type of article does nothing to stamp out anything I’m afraid.
There is no excuse for some of the comments or any form of racism but at the same time there is no excuse for tabloid style one sided articles either.

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