Month: November 2011

Brian Wilson: Let the people sing

Can I point anyone who has not yet realised the ramifications of this proposed bill to read this article by Brian Wilson in The Scotsman today. This article is from an intelligent and articulate person who puts a strong case for scrapping the proposed bill. Brian Wilson: Let the people sing – yes, even football […]

Celtic v Atletico Madrid

Big game for the bhoy’s tonight when we take on Atletico Madrid who are without doubt a top side but not unbeatable. Celtic showed enough in the second half of the first game to show they are not the best at defending and they can be panicked by quick inter passing when attacked. The truth […]

Scott Brown – Get this sorted ASAP!

This season has been challenging enough so the last thing we need is a Pantomime going on behind the scenes. Especially when it involves not just a senior player but the club captain. The will he won’t he saga involving Scott Brown, his agent and Celtic has now become a tedious affair to many. From what we have […]

Broadfoot attacks fan in the street alledgedly

This story has broke on various social media site over the past few hours. We have no way of independently verifying this story however this screen dump has been taken from a prominent RFC fans site. If arguing with your fans can make big headlines in the Scottish media then if this is true it should it should generate plenty of […]