Celtic 1 Hearts 0 with pics

Victor Wanyama
What a day. Let my start by thanking Housey, Paul M, the Aberdeen bhoys and the Ryans band for providing the best pre match entertainment on the Planet.
The game it’s self admittedly is a bit of a blur but through up two unforgettable moments. Credit to Hearts for putting in a shift and making it a difficult game. To be honest it was a perfect rehearsal for playing their big cousins in a few weeks as they will adopt the same game killing tactics.
And what can I say about the referee? Well since I can’t get dragged up in front of the SFA I’ll tell the truth. He was useless bordering on cheating. Once again we witnessed a ref who gave a penalty he could not have properly seen.
I thought that Cha had a great game up against Tempelton but overall all the bhoys stuck at their tasks and won the game.
People in the stands were getting a restless until big Victor Wayama produced one of the goals of the season. The ball seemed to be bouncing from one player to the other outside the Hearts box when Charlie Mulgrew stuck a foot in and knocked the ball to Wanyama who took a touch and then fired an unstoppable shot into the Hearts net. That was unforgettable moment one. I was really happy for Victor who has been outstanding since he settled into the side.
Unforgettable moment 2 happened in the dying minutes of the game when the referee made an honest mistake when he awarded Hearts a penalty for nothing. Hearts tried a bit of “gamesmanship” by placing the ball at the very limit of the penalty spot. This backfiered spectacularly when firstly Samaras and then Forster decided they were having none of it. Johnson eventually took the penalty only for big Fraser not only to stop the shot but also batter the ball out of harms way. When we get to the end of the season the result in this game may prove crucial.
Well done to the Bhoys.
Hail, Hail
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