Month: February 2012

A guide to Twitter Violations and reporting Violations

A guide to Twitter Violations and reporting Violations Twitter is probably the best social media platform I have used to date. No rambling posts, a good community platform and messages are short and sweet allowing for better interactions between users. Unfortunately, like all social media there are those who use it to dole out vile […]

Rangers* Shaft SPL Clubs for over £1m but that's ok.

Glad to say I never have bought the rag that is the Daily Record for over 30yrs therefore I’ll start with thanking @gaz8467 for passing on a copy of todays latest anti Celtic/Poor Rangers article uploaded by @fritzagrandold so you can also read here without giving them a hit. . I have to laugh at the total hypocrisy of this so called […]

96 People died at a football match and their graves were danced upon by the SUN for profit.

And for political gain by the CONSERVATIVE PARTY. We have no right to tell people what to think or who to follow even less so what to spend their money on. All we can do is to ask people to stop and think about what they spend their money on.   96 people lost their […]

FAO. Ra Peepil – Celtic have never been in Administration.

We receive a lot of comments from fans of Rangers FC (in administration) which for obvious reasons never make it through the moderation process, therefore saving the world from reading vile unadulterated nonsense. Over the past week we have received many comments from the followers of Rangers FC (in administration) telling us that we and the laptop loyal […]

Politicians – Just can't do enough

Only 6 days ago I wrote a blog on this very site describing the comments made by Herr Salmond (SNP) and David Cameron (Conservative & Unionist Party) regarding the fiasco going on over at Comedy Central. At that time I felt the comments and words of solidarity and support were over the top considering these individuals […]