Month: October 2012

You may say I’m a dreamer…..

So Charles green thinks Scottish football is a mess does he. Lets take a look that shall we. After a summer of discontent, doomsday scenarios and predictions of civil unrest, Armageddon and everything in between from most of the people connected to Scottish football if Charlie’s tribute act to the occasional embarrassment and permanent disgrace […]

TCN Movember For Oscar Knox-Please read

I am growing a mouser throughout Movember to raise money for Wee Oscar Knox. His treatment is costing more than originally thought. The way it will work is that every day a picture of my ugly mush will being going up on this page with the date of each image published (please don’t show yer weans as […]

Armageddon and beyond!

I feel the last few weeks kind of encapsulates what supporting Celtic is all about within just a few games. There’s been highs and lows, excitement and elation, drama and disappointment. From the last gasp drama of our historic away win in Moscow courtesy of the big Greek enigma, we came back to Paradise to […]

The SPL might just be entering a new golden era.

So Kilmarnock beat us for the first time at Celtic Park since 10th December 1955. To be honest I didn’t believe it had been that long. We’ve had Neil Lennon state it was his fault. Adam Matthews saying there were no excuses. Kris Commons perplexed. The Daily Record predictably marking this historic occasion by publishing […]

‘Still Acting In Support of Our Dark-Ages’

I write this article by way of reply to something of a thought provoking, discussion piece by Alex Thomson of C4 News and thereafter an article written and posted on this very on this site by oor very own JasCam, Without further a-do, here goes! It says something quite appalling about a sizeable section of society, never mind a football clubs active […]

Secret transatlantic call.

(Interesting exchange between two concerned parties. As always content and veracity cannot be fully verified) UK ring tone repeating several times. Female Voice: (cheerful) Good afternoon. MCR…err sorry…Duff and Phelps how may I direct your call? American Male: Can I speak to Mr Clark or Mr Whitehouse please? Female: Of course…whom should I say is […]

Movember for Wee Oscar

I hate moustaches but I m going to grow one though November. I’ll be sticking a picture of my ugly mush up everyday so mind hide the site from the weans I don’t want any weans mentally scarred for life by being expose to my coupon esp with a moustache hanging aff it. So here’s the deal I […]