‘Still Acting In Support of Our Dark-Ages’

Orange Order of Scotland
‘Organised sectarianism…a throw-back to the Dark-Ages’

I write this article by way of reply to something of a thought provoking, discussion piece by Alex Thomson of C4 News and thereafter an article written and posted on this very on this site by oor very own JasCam, http://www.thecelticnetwork.com/2012/10/27/the-hatred-and-thrats-of-rfc-pondlife/.

Without further a-do, here goes!

It says something quite appalling about a sizeable section of society, never mind a football clubs active supporter base, that I’m by so very little of all this reprehensible behaviour.

The fact that, at Sevco, there are so many bigotry infested violent and aggressive morons within the support is old news to myself, personal experience taught me this many, many years ago…sadly I have to say their actions in particular have become the norm for me to deal with.

I must say society has a problem and not just Scottish society either, this modern-day world lacks teachings of respect and proper empowerment of authority, I only foresee the situation worsening in the years ahead.

It is however systemic of an apparently incurable ‘Presbyterian Scotland’ disease that only know in 2012 is this subject even opened for public debate, for too long these items have been ‘intimidated’ back under the carpet and that is what we are seeing once more in Alex Thompson’s report.

It’s widely that since our inception in 1888, almost universally acknowledged in fact, yet never spoken of and certainly never properly criticised or a notion discouraged in any way that Rangers v Celtic was a battle of proud, staunch, patriotic Presbyterian Scots v dangerous power seeking Catholic missionaries.

They feared a groundswell of free thinking minds would no longer fit in with a social demographic that they fiercely chose to support, the volume of troubled Irish immigrants and the Catholic church’s presence in Scotland somehow, bizarrely so, threatened their way of life and they sensed the Reformation Part II, they mobilised and they did so in strong shows of unity…if a light is ever shone upon the actual traditions of their club, be it the anti-Catholic signing policy or its entirely false declarations of love and devotion to Her Majesty, then one thing would reflect back brightly and for all to see;

The ‘We Are The People – Brigade’, the traditional guardians and leaders of their club, their entire social demographic, their secret societies, their Orange Order and their entire belief system would be open to condemnation and proved conclusively to be unwarranted.

More over, it would reflect brightly back upon those aiming the light upon this rotten sub-culture that’s still to this very day, largely denied (most vociferously so as well), hidden from view, active in recruitment and nurturing of its ‘faithful’ (particularly of those lesser minded individuals, who are easier manipulated and less inquisitive), militant in both its methodology and its application, intimidatory to outsiders.

The reason for all the above are what this Scottish sub-culture are hiding its deepest, most inner-most secrets, its members chose to bury their heads into the sand in order to plead ignorance to the matter. The matter is this;

They are secretly ashamed, embarrassed and in denial of their sub-cultures very real weaknesses…weaknesses of mind, of spirit and of actual faith, weaknesses of character, of dignity and of decency, weaknesses that have manifested themselves for hundreds of years, that have been passed on from generation to generation, that were enforced rigidly for fear of failure and that are borne out of not a sense of establishment, authority and of entitlement at all, but that were borne out of deep-rooted insecurities, jealousy, self-deprecation and unquestionable, unwavering and uneducated minds.

Today it is still very much the same falsified facade, the same tiresome pretence and the same level of unquestioning, unhealthy, uneducated and insecure mind that peddles, that practises and that refuses to see or to hear anything negative in light of its cultural indebtedness, immorality and arrogance.

To this very day, any such negatively shone light, is treated as if a declaration of war, an attack on the freedoms, the traditions and the moral righteousness of an entire religion, nation, social entitlement and a challenge to the independence of thoughts and of minds…that is why they seek to hush, through either intimidation or through propaganda, the great act of positively reinforcing ones belief through lies, exaggeration and through vetiginous bedamnment of the positivity of others.

‘Ra Peepil’ are today, just as insecure, unquestioning, uneducatable and unwavering in their blind faith of ‘traditions and values’…never questioning of the morality of their acts, the necessity of their aggression and their lack civility (I did want to say Seville-ity though).

It’s an age old situation that has afflicted this once proud nation, but since the Reformation there has been a constant campaign to discredit and denounce the faith and cultures of anyone who they perceive as to be either a threat or a counter-balance to their desired monopolistic presence in social significance.

What we see today with first Rangers, since with Sevco, is only a continuation of this childish fit of insecurity and of self-entitlement…it is a facade, an illusion and more importantly, one they choose to blindly swallow time and time and time again.

My concern is that people like Messrs McCoist, Green, Traynor, Graham and so many more have been able to continue and to promote, through public proclamations, the even more sinister undertone that accompanies their self-worthlessness…the Orange Order’s usual remit…and to enforce the sense of religious and social resentment and embattlement, to declare all others a threat and to in turn enforce hostility within what should be a civilised, modern and progressive society.

More pertinently, they were neither appropriately censored nor degraded as to have challenged this foul and unwarranted stigmatic scar worn so proudly by many in Scottish society today.

It seems to me that despite all the small steps taken to reduce the blight that is bigotry within society, it has been one step forward, two steps back and that any meaningful actions will be wholly contingent on the singular approval of a sub-culture who crave that power, who crave that attention and that notoriety and who are scared to not be at the vanguard of Scotland’s social significance.

Meaningful change is no closer today than at a time when having a signing policy that deprived Catholic persons of any significant place in the affection of ‘the people’ and that excluded, alienated, marginalised and preserved the demonizing of anyone or anything not Scottish Presbyterian of birth-right.

Oh wait, Salt & Vinegar Walkers, green Pepperami, Eggs Benedict and green store signage…they too were deemed unacceptable threats to an entire religious zealot…one that sadly is far from being a minority within our modern day society thanks to the strangle-hold of an antiquated and subordinating cultural phenomenon.

Someone please shine a light upon this, lets take Scotland right out of its continual ‘dark-age’ state of mind.

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