Just win the game bhoys

Overturning a 3 – 0 deficit in Turin would require a minor miracle. I discounted us winning the tie after the first leg however I do believe we can at least win tonight’s game.
Juve are a strong side and far more organised at the back than Barca. They have as we have seen good movement up front and I would expect them to beat Barca over 2 legs. That does not mean that we can’t beat them by the odd goal and end this amazing Champions League campaign on a high.
In the first game we missed Sammy’s experience and his marauding style, he can be a threat against anyone. We were also caught out at the back but we can tighten that up. We have to approach this game tonight as a one off and forget the first leg where I felt we played well enough in forward areas. Unfortunately the referee was an utter disgrace which denied us our usual dominance from set pieces.
So now there is nothing to lose and a moral boosting win to be gained.
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