A final report on the visit by FAC to Holyrood via Celtic Trust

Published on Tuesday 30th April, 2013 by Celtic TrustFans Against Criminalisation

John gives his extended reflections on the discussions of that day

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bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act

So are we meant to be impressed by those figures ? 5.5 convictions per roughly 230,000 people per month is a bit crap if you want to claim that this ‘bigotry law’ is working.

Here is a good question: How many of those convicted could have been convicted in law under the pre ‘Anti Bigotry’ laws ? Continue reading “bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act”

Statue debate is a distraction.

I noticed today there is a bit of a debate surrounding a proposed statue dedicated to Celt’s For Change. My personal opinion is this. I don’t and could not care less about statues outside Celtic park. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to commemorate important Celtic people or groups but we have a bigger problem to sort out just now.

We should not be getting bogged down is silly infighting over a statue when we are still waiting for answers from this current board on their relationship with Strathclyde Police now Police Scotland. We are still waiting on answers to why this current board seem reluctant to back Celtic supporters who are being harassed by the Police for alleged ‘Thought crimes’.

So if we are going to have an internal debate in my opinion it should be about this current issue which is far more important to the well being of the entire club than who’s said what regarding Celts for change and what statues people want.

We need this ‘communication’ problem with the board sorted out ASAP, then we can argue about statues.


Bigger Picture CSC


John Hartson Foundation Life Logo

EX-CELTIC striker John Hartson is calling on Hoops fans to ‘Grab Life by the Balls’ and join him on his BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge to raise vital funds for people with cancer and their families.

The Hoops hero recently handed over £25,000 to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation at the Glasgow hospital’s Schiehallion ward on behalf of his own charity, The John Hartson Foundation, set up following his battle with testicular cancer which spread to his lungs and brain and left him fighting for life.

The 38-year-old, now assistant manager to the Welsh FA, said: “Yorkhill Children’s Foundation provides fantastic support at a time when families need it most. I have four kids of my own and the thought of your child being diagnosed with cancer is devastating for any parent.

“Yorkhill Children’s Foundation is a cause very close to my heart and we’re delighted that we’ve been able to hand over this cheque today thanks to the help of our supporters who pull out all the stops to raise vital funds for the Foundation.

“Our next big fundraiser is the BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge in July when we hope to raise more funds with the help of our supporters.

“We want YOU to join us for this fun-filled weekend in Fort William. Standing at the top of Ben Nevis feels like you’re on top of the world – and you’ll be raising vital funds to help us carry on the charity’s work.

“Please take up the challenge – it’s an amazing experience you’ll never forget. Don’t miss out – time is running out so sign up now.”

Shona Cardle, Chief Executive at Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, said: “We are extremely grateful to The John Hartson Foundation for donating this incredibly generous amount to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

“With the money received we will be able to continue to support sick children from all over Scotland and beyond who are treated at Yorkhill.”

John’s BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge weekend takes place from Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14.

The fun-filled weekend in Fort William includes two nights’ accommodation, meals, and fully guided walk up Ben Nevis followed by a celebration party on the Saturday night. Places are limited so don’t miss out – sign up NOW at www.johnhartsonfoundation.co.uk or contact or Lorna King on 07795 008836 or by email at lorna@johnhartsonfoundation.co.uk

The John Hartson Foundation is an official TCN Good Cause. Please help in anyway you can.

Help petition the SFA – 5 WAY AGREEMENT

I have been following the No To Newco 2013 Campaign for a couple of weeks now. To be honest I think it’s sad that we are no to newco 2013back here again only one year on since they ran their last successful campaign but that is down to the secrecy and the ineptitude of the SFA as the games governing body.

We have all heard about this 5 way agreement but know one seems to know what was agreed. Stewart Regan was the man who bangened on about ‘transparency’ yet he and his association who administer the game don’t seem to have put this into practice in regards to this agreement.

As stakeholders and supporters of the Scottish game surely we must be given some transparency in regards to the 5 way agreement which let sevco into Scottish football at the expense of well funded and well run clubs like Spartans ?

No To Newco 2013 have put up an online petition calling on the SFA to publish this agreement. They are looking for 2,000 signatures but personally I think they need far more.

At the end of the day what have the bodies involved got to hide if everything is open and aboveboard ?

Give us transparency Mr Regan because the longer this document remains unpublished the more people will think you as the games administrators have something to hide.

You can read about and sign the petition here:



Well done to the Celtic Board

Definitely need to say a huge well done to the board for slashing season ticket prices and bringing back the £50 kids package. I’m quick enough to dig the board when I feel they are out of order in relation to the fans but I tip my hat to them for this bit of business.

Good housekeeping and a welcome boost from this seasons Champions league campaign have brought us to this point and it would also appear that we might even have some cash to splash. I’m also delighted that the club are to upgrade the facilities for our disabled supporters because everyone should benefit from the clubs solid financial position.

At a time when others in Glasgow don’t know if they will still have a club from one day to the next it just emphasises that living within your means and having top businessmen on the board bring its rewards if you’re prepared to work hard for your trophies.

So well done to Peter Lawwell and the board. Now if only we can ensure ALL our support are given a warm friendly welcome at Celtic Park then we can become unstoppable.  Let the People Sing Peter.

One Club, One Support.

Hail, Hail

FAC Group At Hollyrood with Images.

First of all thanks to Fans Against Criminalisation for giving us the chance to tell MSP’s exactly what we thought about the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 brought in last year and telling a couple of them what they could do with it. In a polite manner of course. Special thanks also to Siobhan McMahon Labour MSP for her hospitality and support, it was much appreciated. Continue reading “FAC Group At Hollyrood with Images.”

Come On Celtic !

celtic champions

Celtic are now just 90 minutes away from winning the SPL for the second time in a row. The players just have to give their all for 90 minutes today to achieve this.

One thing they should get into their heads today is that the fans deserve to leave Celtic Park today celebrating 2 in a row for the incredible backing they have given the team. They also owe it to themselves and the manager.

The support have had to put up with a lot of negative attention from the Police and our own board this season so they deserve this day to be a day of celebration.

Neil Lennon will have to sit in the stand today because of a shocking decision by the SFA to punish him for uttering the word fanny. So the best way to get back at the Fannies at the SFA is for the players to go out there  bury ICT and secure the title.

Come on Celtic one last big push.


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Bampots Thespian Society – Oran Mor CSC

Butterfly Kiss
Katie Barnett and Jack Mullen. Pic from Oran Mor

I had the pleasure of some top class company yesterday in Oran Mor. I met up with @garngadbhoy67 , @LWordsmith in the beer garden at Jinty McGinty’s then headed along the road to Oran Mor to take in ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pint’.

The play was Butterfly Kiss by Dave Anderson and starred @garngadbhoy67 son Jack Mullen along with Katie Barnett and Dave Anderson himself.

From http://oran-mor.co.uk/theatre/a-play-a-pie-and-a-pint/

An Old Guy visits a “Seaside Museum” on his bus pass, where he finds a Punch & Judy stall. When no-one is looking, he peeks in, and finds himself in the year 1960. He’s 15 years old, and holidaying on the coast of the West of Scotland.

It’s a world of rock’n’roll, “teenagers”, burgeoning consumerism, rampant hormones, lazy daytimes gazing into rock pools, love of all things American, and A Girl. 

Not The Girl he’s left behind and whom he’s afraid of losing to an Older Man (17 years-old). No. An altogether more exotic creature. The one who introduces him to the Butterfly Kiss. 

Dwight Eisenhower is President of the United States

Elvis releases “It’s Now or Never” 

A message in a bottle is washed up on the beach.

People have jobs, making things. 

There’s only one TV channel, to which only some people have access. 

The performances of Jack Mullen and Katie Barnett where outstanding and brought a great energy to the play. Also Dave Anderson’s score is top notch. All together it’s a great wee play which if you get a chance you should go and see.

After the play we had a good chat with Jack a good Celtic bhoy and an absolute credit to his father.

It was a surreal ending to the day as a thing called the Sun shone down on  @LWordsmith and myself in the beer garden of Jinty’s.

All in all a cracking day out with some cracking people. Thanks to @garngadbhoy67 for his generosity.

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The Celtic Network – Important News

As many of you know we are currently working on a new version site which will launch before the new season begins. As well as the addition of a full blown social media platform on the site (details to follow) we are also working on an app for Android platforms.

We will also be changing our social media channels. Due to the rise in popularity and flexibility of Google + we will be phasing out our Facebook account over the next 2 months. This will allow us to concentrate our social media output on just 3 platforms  Google +, Twitter and Sulia. Google + offers far better user interaction via live video chat but most of all the whole Google package including docs, YouTube etc is definitely the media platform for the next 5 years or so.

Our decision to phase out facebook is mainly down to the amount of adds and the probable monetisation of the platform.

As we are developing a new version of this site we feel this is as good a time as any to reach out to other Celtic fans media sites and supporters clubs and ask them to consider joining the 76 sites and supporters club already partnered with The Celtic Network.

We have some spare places as some of our original partner sites have shut up shop.

If you have a Celtic blog, forum,podcast or Supporters club please visit here to submit your site to celticnetwork@gmail.com

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Joy. A Grandstand End to the Season

It’s good to write about happy things. There has been so much negative stuff surrounding the club and Scottish football in general recently that it’s a great relief to write about all things positive for a change.

So firstly congratulations to Neil Lennon and the bhoys for winning us a grandstand end to the season with a Scottish Cup final place. Knowing that our season is meaningful right to the last game of this football season is a great buzz. Ok so Sunday was not straight forward but we were playing a good football team and we won so that will do for me. 🙂

Now we can look forward to a party at the weekend knowing that we might have another couple of party days. I expect us to wrap up the title at the weekend Party 1. Then we have the trophy presentation in a couple of weeks Party 2 and hopefully party 3 if we win the Scottish cup. 🙂

So despite the unfortunate distractions this season has thrown up I’m sure we’ll all look back on it as a great season. Making the last 16 in the Champions league, playing in 1 domestic final winning the SPL again and a possible double is a great achievement that reinforces our domestic superiority and enhances our reputation throughout the world.

So it’s happy days for the Tims and cheerio to sevco /

Mon The Hoops !

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Lies, damned Lies and Corruption.

Let me set out my position straight from the start. Any form of league construction will hardly have any impact on Celtic if any. The same could also be said for Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts and Hibernian as over the piece these clubs are mostly with the exception of a couple of seasons always present at the top end of the game. In fact most SPL clubs are insulated to different degrees from league reconstruction. So today’s vote was not really about SPL clubs apart from the fact that they were prepared to give up a decent amount of prize money which would benefit clubs in the SFL.

12-12 18 with all it’s splits etc did have it’s problems but it was at least a start, a launching platform for future refinement of our game. As I have already mentioned it would have also provided some financial stability for a decent amount of SFL sides. So for all it’s faults I personally felt that it was worth trying out.

So the proposition put in front of 12 SPL clubs at Hampden today failed with Ross County and St Mirren voting against it. This was a direct result of the farcical 11-1 voting system. Surely in any business a 8 to 4 voting ratio is more democratic than 11 to 1 ? With 8 – 4 you still end up with a firm majority which allows for good thorough debate. However it’s Scottish Football we are talking about here.

At the time of writing this all I know is that 2 clubs voted against the proposition but one in particular have been hammered not least by Stewart Milne. The Aberdeen chairman has stated that St Mirren could give no viable reason for voting against the proposition. I might be wrong but to me that stinks to high heaven of some form of collusion with Charles Green’s Sevco.

Sevco never wanted league reconstruction as it would have damaged their flawed business plan even further as it would curtail any season ticket price increase that would be required to keep that sinking ship afloat. Was Gilmore offered any incentive or inducement to scupper reconstruction ? I would hope not but it will all come out in the wash.

Like many of you reading this I myself do not find myself surprised that the reconstruction was scuppered. However I never expected it to be scuppered by the SPL. It was clear weeks ago that Sevco friend David Longmuir was muddying the waters with his calls for Colt teams in the SFL. Now many have rightly said that ‘Colt teams’ were part of the suggestions in the McLeish report but I find the timing of Mr Longmuir’s  intervention was at the very strange indeed.

The big question are.

  • Why does it seem that some in the Scottish game are prepared to do anything to protect and advance the cause of one club ?
  • Why does it appear that some club representatives seem eager to damage their own clubs in order for Sevco to prosper ?
  • Is there a ‘lodge’ mentality at the heart of our game ?
  • Will there be an SPL 2 conjured up?
  • Will Sevco be invited
  • Am I just a stupid paranoid Tim that should shut up moaning and ‘move on’ ?

Whatever the answers I smell a rat.

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Ma Maw Wants a Bungalow Appeal

Ma old dear wants a brand new bungalow fully fitted oot wi a sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi. So I need money to pay for it. So geez yer dosh by using the Pay Pal donation button located on the left hand side bar. 🙂

In all honesty thanks to the people who have made donations over the past week towards keeping the site going and help us upgrade the server. It is really appreciated. Hail, Hail

However we are still a good bit short of what we need to make this happen. As I said last week any leftover money will be split between our ‘good causes’ as that is a major part of the Celtic Network.

Development of the new site is underway and I’m more than happy to put my time into that. All we are looking for is a bit of help to pay the costs of admin and hosting.

I appreciate money is tight for everyone just now but if you can even spare a couple of quid it will be gratefully appreciated.

Hail, Hail



No Hampden Curse

Sunday’s match against Dundee Utd should be a cracker. The game is set up to be a great advert for Scottish football providing Celtic match Dundee Utd for effort.

There’s been a lot of nonsense talked in various quarters about a ‘Hampden curse’ or ‘hoodoo’. Lets nail this here and now. There is no curse nor hoodoo there is simply unacceptable levels of performance.

All our poor results at Hampden since Lennon took over are down to the players not putting in the energy that the opposition have. It’s all down to hard work and by beating Barcelona and running them close we have proved that when we put a shift in we can beat almost any team in the world. The problem has been that we are not taking that same professional approach into important domestic fixtures.

Now we’re not daft, we all knew the SPL was effectively over by Christmas and so did the players. Now that’s no excuse to take the foot off the gas but it is understandable that in SPL games many players have took their eye off the ball. However there is no excuse for lower levels of performance in knock out cup ties.

On Sunday we have to raise our game to not only match Dundee Utd but out fight and out play them. If we do that we will win and probably comfortably. If not we’ll be beaten.

Hail, Hail


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Friday Fun Tommy and Craig Whyte

Tommy in Glasgow has once again spoken to ‘our fenian brother’ Craigy, Craigy Whyte and asked him about Chuckles Green’s racist comments.craig whyte

All in the best possible taste

[grandmp3 id=9363 autoplay=false]

You can catch tommy on Celtic Community Radio

Audio provided by Tony Cassidy @TonyCassidy123 and copyright of Celtic Community Radio

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'Kill the Bill'

There are age old connections which associate with being Scottish, Bravery & Pride being the most recognisable   fac kill the billconnections throughout history & all over the World. It takes a brave man to swallow his pride & admit when he has got it wrong, especially when he seeks support to lead a nation in a free and Independent way.
Mr Salmond & his SNP government seek a mandate from the Scottish people to trust in his judgement & to believe that what he intends to offer will take all of his people with him on a historical journey, a journey the likes of which as Scots we have never seen before.
The Offensive behaviour & Communications in football bill, is an act deemed unnecessary and unworkable by a majority of people, a majority of which he asks their commitment to his new vision. 
Now he must show that leadership quality by simply admitting when he gets it wrong & by showing that well acknowledged Scottish Courage with the bravery to reconsider a flawed installment hurriedly placed in the law book & by then removing it to consign it to a bin marked tried, tested & failed. 
There would be no shame in such an action, I would submit, rather it would resound of a listening leader, a leader who listens to his people. That for me, would be a show of true strength, the Scottish historical character. 
‘Scotland the Brave’ is not solely about muscle or might.
Mr Salmond would do well to show common sense & much consideration when hearing the voices of the people requesting he is brave enough to lead without ego, stubbornness or indeed unfairness.
The Scottish people want to believe in freedom but that freedom must register & must also be accepted in complaint and then fitting action to address it. An act which criminalises football fans across the board to the great discomfort of many an academic voice, must be reviewed as hastily as it was designed. There is no need for the snow drift to grow into an avalanche.
Mr Salmond should himself know that the Scottish people, lots of them simply hard working non criminal individuals, consider the final and true aspiration to govern over the Independence of those people, will be seen & or gained, without the prospect of dictatorship ever being perceived on display, but rather, by democratic decisions made & a willingness to accept that a leader can also be wrong & then correcting.
Mr Salmond would do well to remember that pride very often comes before a fall, for this act/bill/law quite clearly could indeed become the jagged thistle that see’s true Independence slip from a long awaited grasp to the detriment of the very people who for so long have demanded it. 
Do not take the Scottish people for granted Sir, for they may well then decide to stay & suffer with the historical devil they have known, rather than the uncertain, unknown future with a man who would be King, if only for a day.
‘Kill the Bill’ lest it kills a true Scottish freedom !

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‘Kill the Bill’

There are age old connections which associate with being Scottish, Bravery & Pride being the most recognisable   connections throughout history & all over the World. It takes a brave man to swallow his pride & admit when he has got it wrong, especially when he seeks support to lead a nation in a free and Independent way.

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Help FAC – Contact Alex Salmond

The Celtic Trust have been doing a wonderful job for FAC and the Celtic fans in general by providing a simple email set up which helps you easily contact you MSP’s and the ‘Gang of Four’ namely Alex Salmond,Kenny MacAskill,Roseanna Cunningham,Christine Grahame. Continue reading “Help FAC – Contact Alex Salmond”

TCN Begging Bowl 2013

This post has nothing to do with Sevco or Mr Custard  🙂

The sites hosting bill for next year will be arriving in two weeks and it will be quite expensive because thanks to all our visitors we have to move to a bigger hosting platform for the second year in a row.

As promised the site has remained free and will remain that way forever. However it is too costly for myself to admin and maintain on my own. So once again like last year I’m passing the begging bowl around for donations to help cover the costs of admin and hosting for 2013/14.

Like last year all money raised will go to keeping the site going and any money left over will be divided between our Good Causes. Again like last year I will publish receipts for payments and donations for everyone to see where your money has been spent. Donations can be made via our PayPal account via the the link at the top left of the page.

I along with a few other people are currently working on a brand new site which will be in place for the opening day of next season so if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see added to the site or the new app please let me know just now so we have a better understanding of what you would all like to see on the new TCN site.

The site now has an average of 60,000 visitors per month so thank you all very much for your support.

This site will always be run on a not for profit basis.


Jas and the TCN Bampots