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I have been following the No To Newco 2013 Campaign for a couple of weeks now. To be honest I think it’s sad that we are no to newco 2013back here again only one year on since they ran their last successful campaign but that is down to the secrecy and the ineptitude of the SFA as the games governing body.
We have all heard about this 5 way agreement but know one seems to know what was agreed. Stewart Regan was the man who bangened on about ‘transparency’ yet he and his association who administer the game don’t seem to have put this into practice in regards to this agreement.
As stakeholders and supporters of the Scottish game surely we must be given some transparency in regards to the 5 way agreement which let sevco into Scottish football at the expense of well funded and well run clubs like Spartans ?
No To Newco 2013 have put up an online petition calling on the SFA to publish this agreement. They are looking for 2,000 signatures but personally I think they need far more.
At the end of the day what have the bodies involved got to hide if everything is open and aboveboard ?
Give us transparency Mr Regan because the longer this document remains unpublished the more people will think you as the games administrators have something to hide.
You can read about and sign the petition here:

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