Celtic FC Are Back

Celtic v Sevastopol
Celtic v FC Sevastopol – Kick off 18.00 GMT

Celtic back to business

Celtic close season ? If you blinked after the Scottish cup final you’ve missed it. This is one of the joys of the coefficient system employed by UEFA. On a happier note the bhoys are back.
First up are FC Sevastopol a team from the Crimea region of the Ukraine. Sevastopol are a relatively new club formed in 2002 and play out of the Druzhba

Druzhba Stadium
Druzhba Stadium
Stadium which has a capacity of 3,300. Since their formation they have won the Ukrainian First League in seasons 2009–10 and  2012–13 and the second league in season 2006 – 07. These leagues are the equivalent of our Divisions one and two. So on paper they seem ideal opposition to help our players regain full match fitness over in Germany.
The most important thing for us fans tonight will be getting our first look at our new signings Centre Back Virgil van Dijk and forward Amido Balde. Both guys arrive with decent reputations but with a lot to prove. Hopefully both will be a success with the team and the supporters alike. It’s been a while since we have had a big target man in the Sutton/Hartson mould so it will be interesting to see if Amido Balde is deployed in that role. We have also been crying out for an imposing centre half so I hope that ‘Virgil’ as he wants to be known helps solve that problem.
So here we go for three in a row. All the best to Neil and our players for the forthcoming season.
Hail, Hail
van DijkAmido Baldé Celtic
Remember to register with the site to take part in this seasons SPL Predictor. First games are already up. You’ll find them here. http://thecelticnetwork.com/spl-predictor/

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  1. Jas
    I was out earlier so missed the game. I have just finished watching it on CTV and it was a bit of a strange one. The surroundings gave it the atmosphere of a training ground match and that was pretty well what it turned out to be. It may have told Neil Lennon something about a lot of players but I got very little from it, at least not about our new boys. One striking impression was that Garry Hooper looked as though he would rather be anywhere else even in the outback of the English lower leagues. He never made an effort from what I saw. The way he is pushing to get out, the wilderness of second rate football is exactly where he will end up. Just as well the results in these games are of no significance. In fact, at this stage, history has shown that poor results in the early prep often leads to a good start. I can remember not a few seasons when the opposite proved fatal.
    On player performances, I love this bit in the Celtic Journal today. These few words may possibly have a great deal of relevance at Parkhead just now.
    “One of my favourite Celtic players from recent years is Georgios Samaras. Not only for his qualities as a player, but he has shown the kind of commitment and passion to Celtic that is a rare thing in today’s footballing climate. This quote from the Greek sums up the attitude that every footballer with ambitions and morals should abide by.
    “At the end of my career, I’d rather count my medals than count my money.”
    Maybe some of this current Celtic squad should look at this and realise what their priorities are.”
    H H twice over to that.

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