The Grumpy Moanlots by Lorenzo

by Lorenzo

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I am a Celtic supporter.
I support the club.
I support the board the playing and management staff.
I support my fellow supporters but a little less when they begin to sound (at least to my ears) completely barking mad as utter moanalots.
I have opinions on the game and the club strategy the same as everyone else but they ‘are’ just opinions. 
Unfortunately some actually think they could do a better job than those employed and qualified to do so. 
Fortunately they aren’t, I’d say they just rather like a good moan.
I honestly don’t think or believe I or they ‘the permanently complaining’, are more qualified than Peter Lawwell to prepare a transfer budget or are more adept at selecting players for transfer to or from the club, than club scouts or manager. Frankly if they where, I’d be expecting a salary to merit it.
As a Celtic supporter who trusts the guys in charge at the club with decisions on transfers and staff and the many other footballing decisions that have to be made ‘they do seem to be doing an excellent job’ I do rather chuckle at the opinions of our fellow fans who constantly give us their expert advice in almost every field of club policy. Apparently they do know better and the bonus is, that that advice is free. 
He’s a bloody player , sign him !
He’s bloody mince, offload him !
Sign that one !
Naw, no him for crying out loud, the other guy !
No good enough, there’s no spine, he’s too old, he’s too young, he’s too cheap, not quality, lacking experience  !
Pay more !
Pay less !
Sell him, keep him, get him, forget him.
Lawwells this, Lenny’s that, it’s just not good enough, etc etc etc..
I amaze how simple it appears to orchestrate club policy and overall strategy on many football and financial fronts. Fronts that bring success or failure to the club according to the fan punidt, from around the family dinner table, the local bar or on the back of the fitba season book whilst sipping bovril a pint or scooping high end soup. 
Like me don’t you just wish these experts where perhaps more expert at accepting that people paid and qualified to do the job are rather better and far more expert at doing it not talking it ?.
Of course we are all entitled to an opinion but in no way should that be seen as more valuable than those with the decisions to make. I can’t help but feel most of it is just shit stirring, for whatever reason I know not.
Personally I am becoming fed up with these constant moans and groans. 
There is endless greeting and whining, condemnation and conspiratorial chatter, complete pap in my opinion. 
Celtic you see ‘are’ in a good place, these people might not like it, but that is fact.
I tend to see success as progression and progression as success. 
The constant challenging of club decisions, decisions made by people who actually do know better, is for me bordering on the hysterical both in comedy and in the way out of control reaction. 
You see the if’s, but’s and maybe’s are completely irrelevant if but and maybe, they don’t coincide with what is actually happening. We aren’t barren of trophy, financial gain, respect or ability, we aren’t struggling to compete and we aren’t sitting stagnant as others surpass us both on or off the field of play.
We’re doing quite nicely actually.
In recent times there have been criticisms of the club from these fitba and financial experts that follow the club in pushing their opinions as a marker for our failings, I fail to see those failings in reality. 
We ‘the club’ have managed to progress nicely thank you very much despite the apparent loss of ‘the spine of the team’ as projected by some of our expert fans and an even wider doomsday scenario, amid then hysterical reaction to those opinions. 
In case anyone failed to notice Celtic are current Champions, they sit at the top of their domestic league and are already into the group stages of the Champions league as with last year our main objectives. 
Not bad for a team with no spine eh !. 
In fact I’d say what we witnessed against Karagandy to qualify by coming from 2 goals behind in 90 minutes plus stoppage time, was all about backbone. (Spine).
So why any of the complaints at all ?.
I must say I am somewhat baffled but there really is no pleasing some folk.
Oh what a fickle fankle indeed.
Here’s hoping some of those constant negative opinions can find solace in actual positive signs, even just now and again would be pleasing.
Talk all you want, opinionated negatively till yer wee hearts content but do stop asserting that you actually know best, clearly you don’t.
Let’s face it guys, if you really did know better, you would be on the board and doing the job !.

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