Teemu Pukki, what exactly are we getting

Much debate on many sites about this kid, at 23 years old he does look the part, he has played a high level, he has proven himself in Germany and scored against the best for his Country, I have been watching videos the same as the rest of us, I see a similar player to Hooper, but perhaps better. Keep in mind this kid is an international player, and played in one of the best leagues in the world right now

I think we have really got a brilliant player here, we remember the Hooper/Stokes partnership when it was at it’s best, Stokes creating a lot, and we have Commons threading passes brilliantly all over the park, I think this lad will score a lot of goals for us, here are some of his goals from the last few seasons, you be the judge



2 thoughts on “Teemu Pukki, what exactly are we getting

  1. look,s the part seen him on youtube look,s happy to be at parkhead just have to wait & see how he is ?

  2. Saun

    I am not too bothered as long as he gets some goals. I really like the “hard working” bit. That sure did not seem applied to Hooper at times. There again, I hope he is not a headless chicken running daft all over the place. Seen enough of them in my time. The fact he smiles so much has got to be a good sign, a man content with his lot – at least for season or two till the gold diggers south of the border start flashing the £ signs. Really looking forward to a positive outcome, though.

    H H

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