A tribute to The Green Brigade Banner “The Four Horsemen” by Pensionerbhoy

The Four Horsemen
The end is nigh!

It just has to be that deep disappointment conceives the inexplicable. That alone can be the sole reason for my thoughts drifting from the realms of depression to the regions of antipathy. Here this morning, I find my mind drawn irresistibly to writing about a particular Green Brigade banner and in doing so, resurrecting the death-rattle of a football club long buried. I apologise to those who, I know full well, will feel they have had enough of the interminable saga. The idea was actually conceived, not by a desire to restart a debate that has been exhausted and then strangled interminably, but by a search last evening for photographs of Celtic games during which I came across one showing the famous, or infamous, “Four Horsemen” banner for which I retain an inordinate admiration. For a good part of the night I could not sleep as my imagination was in overload with the various images and bombarded by words and phrases describing its extraordinary artistry. So, rather than letting sleeping dogs lie buried, the evil dead have lured me into paying tribute to what must be regarded as one of the great banner productions of all time. I am no poet but like so many other interests, old age frees one to dabble in the incapable without recourse. Fortunately the subject is now of no consequence so some of you may find my efforts not simply futile but also puerile. I hope, however, that those who read my short ditty, will graciously overlook my poetic shortcomings as well as the outdated subject matter and instead, enjoy its sentiments. At best, you may regard it as a literary masterpiece up there with the works of the bard or, at worst, it may prove a welcome distraction from recent score-lines.

The Four Horsemen
Here we go, here we go!


I saw four horses in the sky

Come raging from the angry clouds

With riders clothed in sombre shrouds

And death emblazoned on their eyes.

The leader furious, hair fiery red,

Determination on his face,

No sign of pity, no show of grace,

No sympathy for them, he said.

The second figure on his mount

Has no intent to let relax

Those owing him his long due tax.

For he will whip them to account.

A third dark shape, bare and bone,

Glares from underneath his hood

At the brazenness of the bankrupt brood,

In death’s last groan yet hearts of stone.

The final rider masks his face

With double deals and dark intrigue.

With parcelled rogues he was in league,

Then disappeared without a trace.

And so the horses and their men

Snorting and snarling charge along

To make full sure the doomed are gone,

Determined they will meet their end.

 But when?

Well, the end that was nigh and predicted by the banner has been and gone. They are dead. Fin! (I love French cinema :))

 H H

2 thoughts on “I SAW FOUR HORSEMEN

  1. Better the poet than I Arthur! lol
    That was a brilliant read and like you, it brought all the memories rushing back. I remember, I had been on Twitter, done a few stupid Radio Clyde call in’s and someone did the 4 horse men, the picture was them charging around Ibrox and I was given the privilege of being one of the horses: D
    You put your mouse curser on a horse and a name appeared, I was the White horse I think, I can’t find the picture on my PC and my memory is better these days as well, lol So yeah, memory lane here. I remember the Green Brigade doing all these banners and coffins and thinking “How do they know” Well they did and they were spot on. I remember “Them” at the time laughing in sheer denial and celebrating Administration then the big L like a winning goal in the Champions League Final. They died! We were all right. I spent MONTHS on this story, to the point I gave up and I still have. I will have the odd dig here and there but if the truth be told, it got boring for me. I remember going through emails and documents with many fine Celtic men in my time here, sadly I got bored. Things got real also. And when things get real, I tend to smile and walk away.
    But you brought back good memories. I think we will all remember this era for as long as we live, I envy young people around 16 years old, they can ram this down throats for generations yet, for us old guys, we got another decade or two, lol
    Good read mate and you need to give yourself some credit with the poetry. I am good friends with a few published poets now where I write and it is HARD. I did a few and tried to rhyme too much, and in the end gave up, but good people are teaching me to do REAL poetry, like what you just did. Maybe one day it will click because poetry is hard to do. You did it justice mate, and some.

  2. “But you brought back good memories. I think we will all remember this era for as long as we live, I envy young people around 16 years old, they can ram this down throats for generations yet, for us old guys, we got another decade or two, lol”

    Right on the button, Shaun. I just enjoyed the fun of putting it together. Thanks for checking the blog worked. I can relax and get some more done. Still busy with family but back at home now and having a sneak peek 🙂

    I should be back in full flow tomorrow. I put a tweaked version on ETims as I do the odd bit there in the hope the readers can have a laugh. Not as much as I did before TCN and the discussions and debates are usually on here.

    Glad I brought back the odd good memory but, as you say, it is time to let it rest even if not in peace.

    H H

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