The Samaras show as Celtic get ready for the BIG ONE *Edited – Highlights Video*

Kris Commons celebrates with Celtic's hat-trick hero Georgios Samaras.
Commons helps Samaras find 3 fingers 😀

Strange game today, was a rotten game, but had short spells of action, the first putting Celtic 3-0 in a 7 minute period, the next Kilmarnock getting 2 goals in a 5 minute period then  a 3 minute spell where we got 2 goals, when you are doing match reports the headline of the blog and how it will go changes like the weather and today I went from “Celtic spank Killie” to “Killie shock Celts” to I don’t know, we will see how I feel at the end, that was one strange game to watch 😀

Game kicked off, I had a free house so everything needed was at hand, even the dog, and the first 20 minutes were, well boring. Then 3 brilliant goals in a 7 minute period and coming from the strikers was an added bonus.

1-0   Came after cracking run by Samaras and a cross into the box, the Killie goalkeeper flapped at it, Commons pounced and what a finish! Commons punched it into the ground leaving the ball to loop over the goalkeeper. Great goal.  19 minutes played

2-0   And what a finish by Samaras, ball floated into the back post area and Samaras was having one of these days, he took it on the half volley and leathered the ball, as you do, back across the goalkeeper  for a wonderful finish, 2-0 and really looking like a comfy afternoon. 24th Minute

3-0   Again Samara starts this one runs and beats a few players plays the ball to commons from the edge of the box, Sammy keeps running, Commons being very unselfish rolls it back to Samaras and from 6 yards slots home, 3-0 and me and the dog are giving it high fives 😀 26th minute

Then it died, the game just stopped, at 3-0 it was if the Celtic players thought “Can’t wait till Tuesday” then something happened leaving most of us I guess scratching our heads.  Killie got 2 goals back. The first, never a free kick, Pascal is very clever for Killie in the wall; he pushed the entire wall to the right leaving a huge gap for Clingan to curl it into the top corner. Bad goalkeeping? Or a foul by Pascali on the entire wall? You decide. Kille get a 2nd goal and I am dropping things all over the dog here, Izzy, again and not for the first time this season loses his man and allows Clohessy to curl a log show past  Forster, to his anger and the teams, who all look to Izzy

A strange half, from complete comfort to needing the bathroom

Half time – Celtic 3-2 Killie

The 2nd half started and I am thinking “get an early goal and see this one to bed, rest some players for Tuesday” it never really happened. The second half was Celtic with the ball, we didn’t look like being troubled much, we looked comfy, at 3-2 and 1 goal in it you could easily forgive any team for getting worried, we never today, this is part of the reason I said “Strange game” we never looked like losing a goal we probed and threw balls in, Brown slid Lustig in a few times, Pikku hit the bar and it looked a very comfy 3-2

Lennon made a few changes bringing on Amido Balde and at first I was screaming at the TV for the lad to go and get his height at Killie and run at players, he looked lazy.  But he is a young lad, and he might come good and score some goals. Well done Samaras today, He got his hat-trick and he was man of the match, his header was a good one, Mulgrew threw the ball into the box and Sammy got his body low and threw a header over the keeper, brilliant for Sammy. Then the unthinkable and I say this tongue in cheek. Amido Balde gets the ball, runs at the Killie defence, he doesn’t square it to Stokes I think “Awl square it mate” and BANG 5-2 😀

Sammy gets his hat-trick
Sammy gets his hat-trick

A game we will look back on as a game all the goals came from the strikers, we need to be happy at that statistic, the free kick Killie goal aside, Izzy needs to check his blind side more often, I don’t know what happened to Izzy he had a Wanyama type price tag on his head before he broke his ankle, maybe it will take him more time, maybe it has taken some of his bravery away? Who knows what is going on the in the lads head. But don’t get me wrong, still a starting 11 player, I just wish we had the same cover on the left as we do on the right in Matthews and Lustig

Strange game, lets all look forward to Tuesday now.

Final Score Celtic 5-2 Kilmarnock

TCN Match report man of the match – Samaras



4 thoughts on “The Samaras show as Celtic get ready for the BIG ONE *Edited – Highlights Video*

  1. I agree Izzy has lost his edge somewhat since his injury. Before his injury I had great confidence in his ability, in fact I thought we had made a very shrewd move with this lad, but his awareness is not the same. Maybe not the injury itself, but the time taken to recover has blunted his concentration. Great that the strikers are becoming more coherent, but sadly this seems to depend on Sammy and by his past record is he is an awfully hot and cold player. Brilliant on form but never on form enough to be said to be ordinary to poor at times. If we get an offer for him at any time in the next window I hope the club jump at it. Then there is the goalkeeper. I have no confidence in him, my heart is in mouth any time the ball gets anywhere near him.
    Odd game, but great result thought we may have got another one or two.
    H, H.

    1. Fair summary mate.
      I think it is good we NEVER depend on one player, we don’t have to. Sometimes Stokes will have a great gave, Commons will have a great game, Forrest needs to get his injury sorted, we do miss him. Saying that Matthews I am starting to like as a right midfielder, he gives his all and for a kid his age, he will only get better. I think we have maybe 5 players who, in any given game can do what Sammy did today. Strange how Sammy always does well @ Killie.
      Today was STRANGE in many ways, the crowd was so low, the protest outside they showed you during the game, 200? there, I don’t know, but I know MANY are season ticket holders through reading a blog somewhere, so Killie lost nothing today 😀 lol..
      Their fan base is crap, they don’t have enough supporters to make a “Sack the board” protest work. You know I REALLY thought a lot of the dead teams would have taken to Killie and went to their games when the new team was away from home.

      Forster, lol, I don’t see it. I see every game, I am not there as much as many, but I never miss a game. He is young, he is here to learn. Today I think Pascali fouled our wall for their first goal, he shoved the whole wall out the way and Forster was at the other side and no goalie can move their feet that quickly.
      I always remember Barca away “The Great Wall” they called him. When you are a goalie you can make 2 mistakes a month and it gets noticed more. Today a few players made 10 mistakes, but never led to a goal (well Izzy did, I lie) Point is, strikers and keepers get noticed more.

      Good 3 points today.
      Will Inverness have a bad patch? It doesn’t look like it, they are a GOOD SIDE…I think this could be a hard one this season. We must win our game in hand and beat ICT up there.

      Cheers mate

  2. Hi Shaun

    I guess you are “worried” or more shocked rather, I have not been heard from over the last couple of days – I bet! I have had a strangely hectic few days with one thing or another and have only had the energy to take quick peeks at any of the football. Till now CTV audio is all I have to go on so far. Even then I listened while chopping veg in the kitchen. I have said several times before that this is not the best way to assess a game (nor is listening to Celtic games safe for the fingers when chopping) given the green eyed commentary and the limitations of the sound/speed combination (mind you some recent camera work on tv seems to have caught the bug too). All I can say is that from the CTV coverage, I had a worrying start, followed by a burst of euphoria, then a heart attack, palpitations for 45 minutes and a short rehabilitation period culminating in a massif sigh of relief. To be honest, overall I was content with the operation but concerned about the uncertainty of the recurring problems and future diagnosis. It is a bit like the stitches holding up but knowing from past experience they are not guaranteed not to burst at anytime and anywhere.

    I doubt I can add to what has already been said here by those who ACTUALLY SAW the game. After reading your next blog, I plan to sit back this afternoon and enjoy Saturday’s game on CTV archives. I feel confident we could get a good result in this one – perhaps 5 – 2. I bet Black would love a bet on that score-line :).

    Thanks for the comments, guys. As I always say, it is good to hear from the experts. I would watch Sportscene, but my mother told me never to put myself at risk of committing suicide.

    H H

    1. hahaha 😀
      Cracking me up Arthur..
      I am glad you managed to not chop a finger in two…

      The game was a really odd game, had a Sunday Pub league game feel to it, you could hear the players talking to each other and ref/linesmen speaking to players. 3 spells of quick goals as you say, almost had a heart attack myself..

      And experts 😀 Come on now lol
      My spelling is as bad as my Daughter’s, she is 4, in-fact her little sister who is 3 would give me a run for my money ..

      Least we won in the end..
      Was an easy game, even at 3-2 I never really felt bothered, players looked like they knew it would end 3-2, there was no panic really. Killie’s goals were a dodgy free kick and Izzy switching off

      Glad you are good..


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