19 thoughts on “TCN Live Celtic v Barcelona

  1. Shaun, Shaun, hold my hand, please!!! I am so nervous I can hardly type. Here goes, mate! Inconstancies are tied tight!! 🙂

    H H

  2. Shaun

    First of all, I hope you are getting a half time cuppa and rub down. Thanks for this. Great work.

    As for the game, I am so frustrated as usual. We are without doubt our own worst enemy. Yes Barca have all the possession and are playing technically better but why oh why do we have to keep giving them the ball to do so. Personally, I think Neil Lennon has the defensive tactics spot on even though Lustig is having quite a few hairy moments and, fan though I am, Adam Matthews has just put in the worst 45 minutes I can remember in his Celtic career. I genuinely think the lad is a bit nervy, not overawed but not confident either. The other half of Lennon’s tactics are for me just too cautious. We can do no better than 0-0 at this rate. The breakaway is not on as we have a) no concerted forward movement and b) we are simply unable to keep the momentum when we do push forward. That is down to our lack of mutual support, awareness and ability to make a simple pass. I am convinced they are not comfortable with us when we try to attack but the more we make a mess of it then the more they will feel fine about what we throw at them. I may be wrong but an odd cavalry charge now and then might just put the wind up them. There are also Celtic players out there who are not “in it” as they say. Look at Barca, always after the ball from back to front whether is moving or at someone’s feet they are in for it. We have too many spectators who only move when the big round thing heads towards them. Yes, I am frustrated because we are letting ourselves down again. We should be better than we are showing and 0-0 might be ok but i believe we are better than that and at least we will have tried to win.

    Not that I am unhappy at the half time score 🙂

    H H

  3. Shaun

    Sorry, NO WAY!!! IDIOTIC and that is Brown all over unfortunately. How much was spoken of Neymar’s antics and yet Brown gives him that opportunity to perform a Shakespearean tragedy? And how long do we need to play in Europe to know how these referees react? No excuse will ever be good enough for me. ANGRY now!

    H H

    1. AHH This outburst 😀
      I was watching and typing, I had seconds to call it.
      Looking at it again, Brown was silly, Neymar made the most of a stupid kick and game the ref the chance to send him off…


  4. Shaun

    Saying nothing right now. I have a very early start in the voluntary work tomorrow so will be signing off after the game. Perhaps it will give me a chance to cool down by tomorrow before writing any more comments.

    All my gratitude for what you have done tonight. You’re a very accommodating guy.

    H H

    1. Got it bud, will chat to you on WP. Cheers.. I am not the Editor here, so any non Celtic chat will be deleted..

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