Month: November 2013

. . . And God Save Ireland Was Sung – From Drumbhoy

. . . And God Save Ireland Was Sung – An article by Drumbhoy Original content supplied by Once again this week we see our support being attacked for political expression. The Green Brigade displayed an image of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and IRA hunger striker and Long Kesh OC Bobby Sands who was […]

Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13

The Celtic Network Support The Green Brigade and FAC Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13 ORIGIONAL CONTENT FROM As a member of Fans Against Criminalisation the Green Brigade are fully committed to highlighting, challenging and tackling the systemised campaign of criminalisation and harassment – orchestrated by the Scottish Government and implemented by Police Scotland – against […]

Supporters Survey

Supporters Survey Ok, last night wasn’t the best time I’ve had supporting Celtic but it’s certainly not the worse. I thought it might be good to try and capture a snap shot of how the support feels at this point by having a supporters survey. I don’t know about anyone else but for me this […]

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants – Review

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants ‘The Butterfly effect’. How many Celtic books have you read which starts off with a quick lecture in physics? Ok, that will be none then. This book, a celebration of all that is great about our club demonstrates that when the fledgling Celtic Butterfly flapped its wings no one […]

‘One for all and all for one..’

‘One for all and all for one..’ Noticing a couple of points put recently with regards collections for the Dam 5 which after listening to Jeanette on the Celtic Dreams show, was made aware it’s actually more who are victims so far of Dutch injustice.    Of course many more felt that injustice without arrest […]