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So do or die time tonight and nobody would put it past this Celtic squad going and winning. AC Milan are in a bad place just now but as Lennon said in Monday’s pre-match press conference, they may be a wounded animal

This will be a difficult game, Matthews and Brown are missing but I think everyone else is ok. Lennon has said on record he will start with Derk Boerrigter and this maybe suggest Lennon can smell the blood on a very unstable AC Milan side

The Italians arrived in Glasgow on the back of poor league form, the sit a lowly 13th in Series A, and they have failed to win their last five matches, Lennon will have had them watched, he will know the attitude of the highly pain AC Milan players will be bad, so if we can get an early goal, get the crowd going, we can be in European football after Christmas

Winning this game means we can’t finish lower than 3rd but our last game is Barcelona away and to finish 2nd we need to win that game. Had we won in Ajax we would have needed a point. But we first need to focus on tonight. The nerves will be all over the place, it will be a hard game but a game I think we can win. We don’t lose much at home in Europe and tonight I can see us getting the win we really need

“It’s a great game for the players to be involved in,” said Lennon. “We have performed very well in the group apart from the first half in Amsterdam, so I want that to continue on Tuesday, I don’t think we need much incentive or motivation for the game. We are playing against a very good side, despite what their recent league form is maybe showing.”

Let’s get the stadium rocking get the thunder up and let’s drive these players to victory, we can do this




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  1. Hi Shaun

    Hard to argue with that summation. It is always disappointing to lose out on further participation in the C.L. as it gives extra meaning to post Christmas football. However, if we end up being out of everything, we should be happy to have been competing at the very highest level in this years group stages. This is probably the most transitional season we have experienced in the last few years with KEY players moving on and replacements either hard to find or still to settle. Given this drawback, I feel happy enough with getting to where we are. Any progress will be icing rather than a piece of the cake. Tonight should be a night to simply enjoy being involved with the chance of playing better than and defeating one of Europe’s “big guns” in spite of their current hiccups. If lady luck turns her back as she regularly has done in Europe or we have a not uncommon underperformance, I will be disappointed but not distressed. What we can realistically achieve, in my opinion, is still quite far off and the present experiences, especially in Europe, are simply part of the progress. I also think fans should consider results as relative given the comparative finances of the clubs playing in the European tournaments. If all were equal, or rather if there was not such inequality, would we be achieving much more? I believe we would be, very much so, and that comforts me in spite of any results.

    Thanks for your work again, Shaun I look forward to your game commentary tonight.

    H H

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