Disjointed Celtic knocked out of the Cup by Aberdeen

Started so well

Awful, Terrible, Dismal, Shocking and more, Celtic don’t deserve to be in the next round of the Cup after a performance like that but we must give Aberdeen credit here as they played a good game to come back from 1 down from a brilliant Stokes goal

The game stats looked ok with 57% of the ball and 11 shots on goal, but Aberdeen had 4, one off the post, and 2 going in. When Anderson got Aberdeen back into the game on 37 minutes they kept the ball, there was no urgency from Celtic today. I said at half time to get Biton on to win the midfield battle, it’s ok having strikers but first you have to win the battles to get the ball to them to have chances, sadly today we never, ex Celtic players Robson and Flood dominated the midfield Johansen had a good game but Brown lost too many 5 yard passes today and left Johansen struggling on his own far too much, either the players didn’t play the tactics the manager asked or the Manager got his tactics wrong, and we lost our clean sheet record, and it had to be on Cup Day

I am going to have a go at my own team today because out of all the players out here only Johansen and Izaguirre got pass marks. Players we depend on week in week out were missing their passes and shooting badly, the defence, Matthews for Fisher, the winning goal came down Matthews side. For me when you are on a good run like were on you NEVER change the defence of keeper, sorry Lenny bad call today,  Matthews didn’t look as fit as he should be bombing up the line, for me Fisher merited his start today and Biton must be wondering why he was bought, I rate this kid, today was maybe a day for 4-5-1, win the battles, win the game

Sums up today, good chance for Common well wide
Sums up today, good chance for Common well wide

Wide we couldn’t cross, when we were in and around the box Aberdeen were in our faces, Aberdeen wanted it more today and will more than likely go and win a cup double now, they are a decent side and we have to say “maybe” today the best team won. You can’t go unbeaten and not lose a goal forever and today proved that but my anger is, it was Scottish Cup day. The top tier was closed, in the 5th round of the cup up against 2nd in the league we can’t even nearly fill our stadium, and the players see this and it has an impact. At 2-1 down Rooney hit the post from a yard out, the score could have been worse. Next season we must do better, this season we will win the league but we all knew this anyway, in Cup games we don’t show up as much as we should, who do we blame? Different team today that say, Ross County in Lenny’s first Hampden game

Stokes took his goal well, long ball from Samaras, his only ball of the game, Stokes took it down one touch then hammered it home and it looked good but from then on Aberdeen had the ball for long spells, even when we had the ball Aberdeen had 3 men around it.

We have the league to look forward to winning but AGAIN we shoot ourselves in the foot when a cup game comes around. Something Lenny must be wondering why as it’s happened too much in the last few years losing to poor teams in Semi’s and Finals, we don’t want to see this, but we need to

They wanted it more, they were hungrier, no debate
They wanted it more, they were hungrier, no debate

Well that is that, we just have to get over the line with the league now and my worry is players heads will go down. Before today we were unbeaten, clean sheet record, still in the cup, we had something to get our teeth into, now? I don’t know, Celtic posted a profit but we don’t want to hear that, it’s good we are in a financial way to be proud off, today we gave THEM a chance of winning this trophy or even playing them

Not this season Lenny
Not this season Lenny

Over and Over as they say, BUT. We are STILL unbeaten in the league, we can aim for that


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  1. Mr Lennon is tactically inept. Even at 2-1 down with all playing poorly, it took him an age to change things. Why was Samaras started, Forrest hides continually and offers nothing and we were out thought with some clever pressing from the Dons. Take a look at Mr Lennons cup record – appaling! Is winning a one horse race really any achievement. For a celtic manager at the moment, only minimum of 2 trophies a season is acceptable. Time to move on Neil and make way for Malky!

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