Surprised by @Dermo67 – Homeless Appeal

Surprised by @Dermo67

I recently put a news item on twitter about homeless people being abused in Glasgow, much to my surprise a response to my tweet, was that “these people have a better life than us, bevvied all day” this was from a fellow Celtic supporter, I wasn’t angry, it would have been easy to be angry but I put in down to either drink or youth..Anyway if people really think like that, then it just show what a terrible animal we are.

Thanks to Willie at Celtic network he kept me calm…good man he is.

As some of you will know we have started our sleeping bag campaign ,so far so good, I have had my eyes opened to the problems of just setting up this campaign ,I could have ended up with a load of sleeping bags and not knowing how to dispense them to our homeless folk.

Thank goodness for folk who have came along with their knowledge esp. Robert who has brought a plethora of info, and we are expecting more knowledgeable to join us.

That tweet I told you about earlier has just made me more determined to make sure this campaign will be a success ,and we can help some people, even if we help a couple of folk we will have achieved something, but to be honest I hope it’s a lot more than a couple of folk, baby steps just now but I hope they will soon become giant steps…

I will put out more info as we progress.

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3 thoughts on “Surprised by @Dermo67 – Homeless Appeal

  1. Dermo

    I live in the badlands of England and the local needs are no different. I try to do my bit in my limited way here on my doorstep. I know you will understand that my practical help is already otherwise committed but I still wanted to offer my genuine encouragement to you and all those who give so much to the poor, the needy and the homeless. Let those who think it is a joke try it for a while. Let them experience for themselves the cushy number they either imagine or use as an excuse to turn away. I tried it for a night a fair few years ago in Glasgow when I was a bit younger and fitter. It was an attempt by some of us to empathise with the plight of the homeless. And what a wimp I turned out to be. I found it unbearable under the cardboard after just a few hours even though, unlike many of the actual homeless, I was well clothed. I had neither the guts nor the energy to stay another night. What I found most devastating of all was the sense of hopeless resignation to the situation these people found themselves in – for most of those I met had not sought out this way of life. To go through a few hours desperate for the morning to come is soul destroying. To live with continuous freezing nights with no end in sight is a hopelessness even colder than the worst cold nights. And here I was pretending I understood what it was like even though I knew I was going to the comfort of a nice warm home afterwards. We have no idea!

    And to those who salve their consciences with the drink argument, I would simply say that even the condemned man is allowed a final treat. Perhaps it is the only elixir available to the hopeless. Perhaps that pint or can is what sees the broken mended for just one more day.

    I am glad you did not get angry. It just plays into the hands of the ignorant and the judgemental.

    “Anyway if people really think like that, then it just show what a terrible animal we are.”

    Dermo, what an indictment of our fellow human beings but, sadly, I do not think you are far from the mark in this modern selfish world.

    May your God and all the help you need go with you. God bless you and all your fellow helpers!

    H H


    1. Arthur thank you very much for your support,yes you are right people don’t understand the horrible experience of homelessness ,and but there for the grace of god’s good to get encouragement from people and I’m sure our campaign will be a success .

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