TCN Independence Poll No 1

TCN Independence Poll No 1

With just seven months to go until the referendum on Scottish Independence we thought it was time to take a snapshot of the current feeling with in the Celtic Family. We will conduct a poll every month until the referendum on 18th of September.

I’ve noticed that some people still seem to think that their vote is for a particular party. It is not. This is a Referendum where people are asked to vote on a proposal/question whereas in an Election people are asked to vote for either a party or individual.

Before you vote remember you are not voting for a party or a person.

Hail, Hail

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16 thoughts on “TCN Independence Poll No 1

  1. We must do our homework and vote for the RIGHT reasons. Any Scottish born person who stands on this day and has to decide between David Cameron and his Eton friends and Going on our own and not for ever with Mr Alex must realise just this. Fatty won’t be in charge forever. This is what our history fought for. But anyone who watches Braveheart and votes YES is doing so for the wrong reasons. We must vote with our heads and not our hearts. Anyone voting no because of Salmond needs to get real. Do we want our Children’s Children to be denied a rich country that WILL prosper because people disliked the current voice.

    For me the choice is not even a debate. Think of the death and more people had to endure through our history to get us to THIS DAY. And also realise the wealth we will have.

    Do your maths on this. We have Unionism either way, at least this way we are Scottish…
    ..But as many will point out “We don’t know what history will bring”
    I think we can say that anyway, we can’t second guess ANY scenario..
    So “We don’t know what history will bring” is a pointless cause right now.
    For me anyway, but what do I know?

    THIS IS OUR TIME. Take it. And this is about Scotland and Scotland ONLY…

    Saorsa don Alba


  2. I don’t do the twitface or facetube thing so therefore I’m unable to vote in your poll. However, my vote in the referendum will be for independence.
    It is also the best and quickest way to get rid of Salmond, McAskill, Graham and the rest of them.

    1. EXACTLY!! Many are going to vote no because of Salmond, McAskill, Graham and the rest of them, we should be voting yes to get these trumpets out of office and get a free Scotland with a leader WE CHOOSE… Well said that man!! #HH

  3. Shaun don,t mess about braveheart/ wrong reason/don,t like Salmond……Do you think Cameron and that parcel of rouges give a toss,no they don,t care what the reason for a no vote is ! they will take it any which way as long as it,s no. Every vote counts,it,s first past the post(unless they change it again 1979)……vote yes ! vote freedom !.

    1. I am planning to Tccokey3..Yes is where I am at. I am just saying “Vote yes for the right reasons” My comment on Braveheart the Movie is fairly easy to grasp..People can’t watch that, get all Nationalistic then go vote yes..Vote yes for the reasons that are correct..
      When we stand there to vote, we keep history in our minds but we MUST focus on the future also.
      We would OVER NIGHT become one of the richest nations on Earth..

      We keep the Queen..But that was to keep the “People” Happy I guess? lol

      I am with you, I agree #HH

  4. I would encourage everyone to vote Yes in the referendum, but not just because we should have a default position of supporting self-determination and freedom from London rule. We should vote Yes because of a default position to protect the poor, to support the many in society against the ruling elite, and because we stand a chance of holding Holyrood to account, of making it actually represent the people. It won’t be perfect, but with Westminster we have the certainty of being shafted on more or less everything.

  5. I have the painful experience (mainly because I am distanced from family, including the Celtic one) of living in England – for the moment – so a vote either way will not affect me till I return to my senses. The question I want to ask is what exactly are you all going to be voting for? From my viewpoint down here, where it is more of a laughing point than a talking point – yes our political image is no different in the eyes of “Empire” than our football one, a joke and an ill or non informed one at that – there is actually nothing of substance being publicly addressed. There are at most seven months left till the referendum and I have not heard from any side north or south of the current border, one snippet of a detailed policy for the governance of post September Scotland. Alex Salmond has become – perhaps that should be still is – the bedfellow of red herrings with his “to do” about “The Queen” (I wonder what “social” group he is pampering to with that one), sterling and the phantom oil reserves. But, in practice, do any of you know exactly what is to be on the table come September? Does anyone know exactly what kind of country he/she is choosing? Personally, if I had to, I simply could not vote as I have no idea what I am being asked to vote for. It appears that ancient battle cries are stirring hearts rather than facts informing heads on both sides. The only one sure outcome is, either way England is preparing to kick you right smack in the goolies, no matter what.

    One final question. Who can really be independent in this modern Big Brother world run by the rich and powerful? So, in the end, does it really matter? I sure do not feel in any way “independent” even in the favoured part of the dead Empire.

    I wish you aw ra best in September

    H H

    1. Good point Arthur about the “Big Brother” World.. We must keep in mind Political lies and Big Brother will exist no matter how we vote. I would rather if this is to be the case, to be free while it happens..


      1. Hi Shaun

        But my point specific to the voting issue is what form will that “freedom” be? Have either the yes or no parties actually explained what Scotland will be like post September 14? As far as I can make out they are both simply telling you to vote for or against without giving even a glimmer of an idea of what policies they will pursue or what kind of country they hope to create. I do not expect a crystal ball answer but I would expect to have some concrete planning, successful or not, to base my vote on. That is why I get the impression decisions are being made for purely emotive reasons, either Wallace, Bruce and 1745 (sounds like a Sevco board room shuffle) or Queen, Empire and the Act of Union (even more like a Sevco board room shuffle or perhaps a plea for a cash buyer or share investment), a battle between Saltire and Union Flag. Why can no one spell out the potential economic, political, social and international consequences of voting either way? Why being independance will be replacing the shackles of London Government rather than putting a noose round Scotland’s own neck? On the other hand, from where I am based, perhaps there is a lot out there I do not know or hear about.

        Looking forward to your reports on today’s match. They say records are only a sideline, but I think Big Fraser’s record is what will give me butterflies more than anything today. I feel it could be another big day all round though. As long as it is good football that keeps the momentum of improving standards in Scotland going.

        H H

        1. EXACTLY Arthur, when the time comes and we know policy, this is why we MUST vote as I said, with our heads. I know many will be patriotic and vote yes “Because” but for me I want to know what I am voting for also. I will hit the “Yes” button for now. Policy will come out over the next few months. Allowing Gay Marriage in Scotland was a BIG vote catcher, I think that was a good thing. Love is love, I have gay friends, many do. So I think the political game will carry on. If ANYONE wants anything from their council just now, ask the SNP and they WILL send a letter for you, this will end when the vote is over.. I totally get your reply here buddy and agree…

          Match report is up…
          Good result and 3 good things.
          Forster getting his record
          Griffiths scoring
          Pukki Scoring


  6. I gave up and sailed away to the other side of the world in Thatchers last year. I couldn’t face bringing my daughter up in such a place that made the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor seem reasonable to a majority of the UK that voted her in again. I don’t get to vote. Nor should I. Scotland’s future should be decided upon the people who live there now. I believe that many more would come to live there in an Independent Scotland, but that is by the by.
    To me the vote is not about the SNP or Salmond, it may be a bit about Braveheart but it is mostly about Tories. Scotland never bought into the trickle down lie. We saw extravagant wealth in the hands of the few whilst watching those around us become unemployed and others sent to fight wars we knew were wrong. Of course as part of the UK our thoughts and feelings, our votes hardly counted, democracy I suppose. But don’t we have a chance here. Post Independence don’t we have a chance to vote in a government that speaks for us. And whilst I do know that we are all different I do believe that there is an us. It was us that railed against the poll tax for example.
    We don’t do benefit bashing, well we know that some do but we don’t, the vast majority of us don’t. Unemployment is seen as a necessary component of Thatcherism/Cameronism. We don’t like that. When it comes to it we will not vote for it either. Trouble is that I believe that a lot of working class England and Wales has bought into the lie. They genuinely believe that if they are poor it is because of some failing in themselves ( I’m generalising terribly here I know but it is a general feeling I get) that would change if they only tried harder.
    This isn’t just about money its about life expectancy. Be born in the east end of Glasgow and expect to live forty years less than someone born in the leafy suburbs of north London. That means that we don’t get to see our grandchildren grow up but they do.
    It’s about fairness. Unemployment isn’t fair nor is it fair to never meet your grandad. We get that.
    But the rich don’t want to let us go in search of our fairer Scotland. They tell us we couldn’t survive without them. Not true massa. I now live in New Zealand. It has no oil, it is seriously far away from any other country, it has a population of 4. 5 million, it has very few Scottish people. Yet it does all right. Some dodgy right wing decisions recently but all right. When the UK joined the common market it nearly collapsed. Suddenly their biggest market was now closed to them (funnily the Queen of New Zealand had nothing to say about that) but they first survived then they thrived.
    I don’t know why an Independent Scotland will look like but it excites me. If I still lived there it might scare me a little as well, fear of the unknown is a natural human response. I’m more scared of the known, I know that the Tories have not finished there work in Scotland. We still have not rolled over to let them tickle our bellies. They will not rest till we do.
    When Apartheid fell South Africa voted in officials at every level of government that had little or no experience of such work. I doubt anyone would claim that the transition has been smooth or without its problems. Does anyone believe that these difficulties are any reason to return to the governmental expertise of Apartheid, I hope not. We on the other hand have people experienced in all aspects of law, government, academia, finance, health ( feel free to add your area of expertise to this little list).
    The point is we are big enough, experienced enough, and big hearted enough to not only make Independence a success, we might just make it a rip roaring success.
    If you could do something about the weather we might come back to help or just to enjoy the end of Thatcherism in Scotland. Imagine that.

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