This lad is a player, no ‘Biton’ about the bush

Fair Swap!?

Sometimes when a player arrives at the club we expect the unexpected I guess. Till a month ago the only Summer signing that had any real value was Van Dijk but out came Nir Biton. During the 2-1 loss to Aberdeen at home I questioned the midfield and said “Biton should be in a midfield 3 today” and I think we all seen it that day as Flood and Robson owned our midfield for long spells, Biton for me is the best centre midfielder we have at the club

Like many signings it can take them a while to get going, with Balde, Pukki and Boerrigter not yet showing up or not getting game time Biton has came from nowhere to I think deserve to be the 1st name down in the Centre of the park. Kayal is coming back and I think them two in a midfield with cover would do well. I watched Biton closely and he is very calm on the ball and can pick a pass and dangerous passes for the opposition at that.

Not the best start for Nir
Not the best start for Nir

Leigh Griffiths came in and settled right away but he knows the game up here and got 29 goals in a poor Hibs side last season, one can only imagine how many he can get here and how much we can improve him, also better players around him

Biton I think is slightly better than Joe Ledley as a player but perhaps Ledley has more goals in him. Biton you can tell is not fazed by a big game. His start here was not the best with an injury and a sending off in the Champions league. He was just trying too hard to attract his Managers attention and Lenny will know this. Work rate and a player who tries are 2 things Lenny demanded from his team mates when he was a player himself like Chris Sutton. Click to open article Sorry in advance! Lenny DEMANDED better when he played

Biton and Van Dijk, two good signings

Van Dijk and Biton are showing signs of being 2 very, very good replacements for Wilson and Ledley, Biton is only 23 years old and has to hit peak as a player and I believe he can do it with Celtic. Since our defeat to Aberdeen in the cup Biton has played and I hope Lenny can find a place for a player who will run with a shadow all day, win headers and is looking more like a creative player each time I see him. Does he have goals in him? Maybe, but we have others to score and Biton can sit right in front of Van Dijk/Ambrose and help them because that is what he is doing just now.

I think Lenny’s signings will come good. No manager, not ever Sir Alex got it spot on in the player market after all. Pukki for me it’s a confidence thing, Balde I think we will see him play more if we win our next 3 games to win the league. Both are kids really and they need time.

Things are good just now for Celtic on and off the park, the bench last game proved that and we have Tony Watt on loan and Lustig out injured, I am probably missing others. The future is where we need to look as fans and with the league done we can see what Balde and others can do now as I think Lenny will rest players 2 or 3 at a time per game.


Biton, what a player this kid could be


5 thoughts on “This lad is a player, no ‘Biton’ about the bush

  1. Your comments on Biton are spot on.

    I also like the looks of Johansen.

    It’s refreshing to read an article which highlights Celtic’s signing successes instead of criticising the failures, although there will always be players signed who don’t make the grade.

    Martin had a good few.

    I think Lennon’s signing record has been as good as any manager Celtic have had.

    1. All I am really interested in doing is blogging Celtic and looking for positives.
      Many want to see a negative when we lose a corner kick, never mind a game 😀
      It’s football, it hurts sometimes..
      But we focus on the good. And cry through the bad 😀

      Johansen looks the real deal, no argument there. We actually have a very decent central midfield and defense and dare I say goalie..With Griffiths here do we have that spine again? Hope so.


  2. It must be difficult to come to another Country and try to impress straight away, but we must allow the new players time to settle in, they have to sort out their Private lives in a new Country as well, Neil Lennon is nobodies fool, whilst having a good football head on his shoulders, even he needed time to settle into his new Job. Hail-Hail.

    1. Totally, why Griffiths will do better. When it panned to his family in the main stand there was an Edinburgh woman with a few kids, so he is settled already. And always have to ask, or wonder why some players hit the ground running (Van Dijk, Wanyama etc) coming from a different culture and some don’t. We look at players different but as you kinda pointed out, any man would take time to settle into a new job with new workers.
      And Lenny is still learning, good shout..


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