Last Call For Funding Help

Last Call For Funding Help

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far. I’d also like to thanks PMG Photography, CQN Books and The Practice for taking out year long ads on the site. The Hosting is due to be paid by tomorrow and I’d also like to purchase an extra security package to protect the site against an new wave of malicious ‘smart’ scripts that are now appearing around the web.

Any spare money will go towards buying seats for KANO next season and The Good Child Foundation. I will put some money towards these donations myself.

It’s an absolute pleasure to run this site. I always said I would never have adverts on the site but running costs have forced me into having some. However I don’t mind advertising Celtic fans businesses, this will allow me to remove the ‘Google’ ads next month. As previously stated I am currently working on TCN ver 3.0 and should have that up and running as soon as this season ends.

You can make a donation via our paypal button on the left hand side of the page or donate to our paypal account at Just to clarify NGWeb is my business paypal account. All money donated will be published and accounted for so you can see where your money has gone.

Thank You


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