Celtic fly past United in easy 2-0 win

Stokes runs onto a Commons pass to hammer home for 2-0
Stokes runs onto a Commons pass to hammer home for 2-0

Probably as good a performance we have seen this season, with so many players missing Scott Brown was pitched in at right back, Henderson started the game again, Griffiths started from the bench and again we see 3 minutes of Balde

This really was an easy game, the tactics today were spot on, when the full backs go up the park Kayal drops in ready to go either side, middle 3 started with Henderson, Johansen and Kayal, Sammy wide left Commons right with Stokes getting fed in by Commons and Samaras

It took Celtic 5 minutes to get 1-0 ahead, we won a free kick 40 yards out near the main stand, a superb cross into the box by Commons and Sammy got ahead of his marker to volley home for a superb goal and from a player who played well today. United had spells on the ball but they rarely bothered Forster in goal

Sammy and Henderson run to celebrate after 1-0 in 5 minutes
Sammy and Henderson run to celebrate after 1-0 in 5 minutes

2-0 came 20 minutes later and a superb team goal, passing by Johansen, Henderson and Samaras, the ball was given to Commons, with one touch he played the ball onto the on running Stokes who took it in his stride and his first touch took him past the marker and Stokes fired home high into the net, 25 minutes to go and 2-0

Rarely were Celtic troubled. In the 2nd half the introduction of Mackay-Steven for Dundee United made a huge impact for the start of the second half causing problems for 10/15 minutes till we put Kayal on him and he dropped out the game

With Scott Brown at right back United tried most of the game to get behind Brown but credit to Brown he did well the whole game. McNamara is saying to the media United didn’t press Celtic enough but it was men v boys  today, Celtic were a class above and not playing in full gear either

A good 2-0 win, our 28th league win of the season  and getting to 82 goals in League football for the season with 5 games to go. We have 2 games away and we finish the season at Home to Dundee United where we get the Scottish Premiership trophy.

With question marks on several players today proved with who we have missing we are still a quality side. Today Samaras was good he just looked interested. Lennon said after the game it looks like Sammy will be away and to be fair get him off the wage bill, Kayal also wants to leave. With Johansen and Biton proving to be good players I think either way we have a decent squad next season

Today is good, easy 2-0 and we look forward to the last 5 games

Man of the Match – Johansen, again ran the show, easy passing and breaking play up, fine player!

Till the next game


Hail, Hail

3 thoughts on “Celtic fly past United in easy 2-0 win

  1. Hi Shaun

    Thanks again for another fine report and efficient commentary.

    The weekend’s result was significant. I refer, of course to the one at Tannadice and not that at Easter Road. However, both may have far flung repercussions. We certainly were not stretched by any means even though United made a game of it, particularly in the second half. However, it was one of those days when you relaxed because you felt that if the opposition really threatened, there was an overdrive that could be tapped into to counteract it. A bit like the old Brazil ethic of no matter how many you score we will always get at least one more, and they usually got about five. At the same time, United did not cave in and kept going even when the cause seemed lost. Is this not a recurring theme in the league these days. Fair and firm proof that the Armaggeddon warnings were hysterical wishful thinking (perhaps it still was foremost in Doncaster’s mind on Sunday as he wallowed in the hospitality of a club operating out of Ibrox. I wonder if he fled the scene in great haste at the end like the other 17,000.) rather than a near and present danger. It was good for Dundee United not to be deflated by a “drubbing” which could have had ill effects next week – and we would not want that now. Would we? The game at Easter Road must also have a psychological impact on the team claiming to be on the verge of greatness under the leadership of Scotland’ rising managerial star, though I have never known any star take so long, self inflate and implode so much in its rising. The inability to overcome a team in one of the lower leagues, restricted by playing to its financial strengths and adhering to sporting integrity, will certainly not help the confidence of the inflated asset valued employees of a scheming conspiratorial club when they come up against opposition able to produce a far stronger challenge in spite of operating within its means. So, as I said, this weekend has all the hallmarks of a rollercoaster ride, lifting three teams up to the heights and dragging one down to the depths. At one stadium the football was of an ever improving quality and at the other, an insult to the professional game. I have spent more enjoyable Sundays watching the kids. At the centre, Celtic continued to control the speed and direction of the rollercoaster.

    My final comment on ourselves, and I know should be concentrating on that rather than another club’s predicament. However, one must grab a lick at jelly and ice cream whenever the opportunity arises, especially given the current Lenten restrictions. My wish is that Neil would decide the summer cast offs have been exposed enough for this season. It really is the time to do some scouting among our own youth. It is one of my pet complaints that we do not give our youngsters good enough opportunities at the top level instead of immediately looking for solutions in the wider football marketplace. At least we have first hand knowledge of our own. Season on season we dip into the unknown for the most part when we buy from abroad. Yes, we sometimes hit it off but I believe by chance rather than prediction. Does it really make economic sense to spend money on unknowns, the majority of whom are statistically destined to fail, when it would not cost a penny to at least try out some of our younger players before simply letting them go to other teams? At the rate we do this there could be a time when Scottish leagues are made up of current Celtic players, ex Celtic players and Celtic youth rejects. Yes Celtic versus ex Celtic. There are actually indications of this possibility around the country. So, Mr. Lennon, loosen up and get the young lads on the park. It would keep the fans interested till the end of the season and the young guys would provide some real sparkle, I am sure.

    Thanks again, Shaun. You have my vote for MVP (Most Valuable Poster) of the year.

    H H

    PS I have a really busy period on top of me right now with “off line” (I don’t mean illegal, by the way) commitments. But I do promise to get some articles written about the good/bad old days as soon as possible.

    1. I do look forward to reading your thoughts on Football “Now and then” I got friendly with one of the “Famous 5” Hibs player Lawrie Reilly when I lived in town and I loved listening to him telling me about playing infront of crowds only Edinburgh teams could dream about now. He said Money ruined the game. And it did to a degree. Life changing wages for half decent players these days. He passed away last summer, he was 85 I think, brilliant lad and taught me a LOT while I was a manager myself. Came to a few games when we played near where he lived.

      I agree we should give our own youth a chance, I think Bangura and Balde cost about £1,5M/£2M when we had a few kids like Paul George scoring for fun in the under 20’s. Add Pukki to that list and we are near £3.5M Wasted. I think with Henderson and Eoghan O’Connell showing well, it looks good for the future. I love Johansen as a player, I really think he is a brilliant replacement for Ledley, I think I have game him man of the match a few times now, he does things with easy, tracks back and now started scoring. Biton and Boerrigter are forever injured and we have yet to see Holmbert Fridjonsson we signed from Icelandic side, Fram Reykjavik, 20 year old kid.

      I think we need a few more like Commons and Brown, a bit older and wiser. But we must be real, we can’t afford wages for top players so we must do our best with out youth. Tony Watt is having a nightmare at Lierse with the manager having a go in the press, I hope he comes back in the summer a better player. We also have the kid down in England doing superb,Callum McGregor at Notts County, when this kid comes back in the Summer he MUST be given a good shot at it. With Kayal leaving we might not need to pay a ton. I have seen the kid a few times now and he is way better than the level he is at.

      So the future as you say looks good.

      Dundee United, on their game could take a few from a very poor Sevco side next week with McCoist looking odd’s on to be replaced in the summer. He is a very poor manager. Look at Lennon, he is part of the team on game days, on the line screaming tactics and getting players up for the game where Sally stands and says little. His hero status is dropping faster than the steak bakes he eats lol

      Good reply as usual mate and really I have LOVED doing the live reporting. Looking forward to next season and trying to get into the Champions league, doing live commentary on a Champions league is just SUPERB. I am a good typer I can watch the game and type at the same time, so I don’t miss the games.

      Thanks for your kind words.
      They mean a lot Arthur..

      Hail, Hail

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