FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice

FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice

The plan by FAC to organise a protest at SNP Spring 2014 conference was made a few weeks before the event.  It was advertised on social media and on websites belonging to the organisations which make up FAC.  Nothing too earthshattering here it has to be said – pretty standard stuff for single-issue campaigns such as our one against the Offensive Behaviour Act.  On the Thursday before the event (which took place on weekend of 11/12 April) the police emailed one of the organisers on her work email address instead of using the FAC email address which was widely available via the publicity for the event itself.  Despite this, the organisers co-operated fully with the police in terms of outlining their arrangements, plans and expected numbers.  We were a bit surprised when they told us they had ‘intelligence’ which suggested that smoke bombs would be let off, but ignored it as the nonsense it so patently was.  They made a few more calls but there were no real issues to discuss and it all felt like overkill really.

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  1. Wullie

    I read this on a link on ETims and found the whole scenario simply farcical. For me there is little doubt now that the slow creep of the bobby’s boot has been well and truly replaced by the goose stepping of Police Scotland. Over the last several decades the rule of law has been transformed into the rule book of a police state. Rather than serving the law to protect the people, our modern force is using the law to dictate lifestyle and behaviour. In other words, the law has become the servant and the police the masters. The tragedy of the system is that the ordinary bobby who may have originally had a community attitude and approach at heart is now himself forced, by dint of his allegiances, to submit to this transfer of power. And the first noticeable difference is that common sense and justice is hurled out the window to make room for controlled convenience. We now have the old prison idiom of lock ’em up, shut ’em up out on our highways and byways.

    In spite of police tactics on Saturday, in spite of the sheer hypocrisy and disdain of the SNP, the battle against the destruction of a free society now requires a greater intensity. The response to the appeal to attend the protest at the SNP conference was, according to organisers, pretty disappointing and reflects either an ingrained apathy or an element of defeatism. If we can not see what is happening regarding justice in Scottish society, then we are like the Germans who refused to see the evil in Naziism. It is obvious there is no free society when the law itself is pushed aside to accommodate the personal whims of high ranking politicians and police all in each others power pockets. The consequences were witnessed in miniature on Saturday. But just remember that every thick wedge has a thin end. Evil has a cleverly insidious way of cloaking its actions in hilarity. The Aberdeen police on Saturday may have acted like circus clowns but their behaviour was terrifyingly reminiscent of regimes that have placed themselves above the law, been impervious to justice and quashed democracy and freedom of expression for the preservation of personal power.

    Aberdeen may have been an aberration but the threat to freedom is blatantly real. The more we let ground slip, the more the power-seekers increase their grip. There is a real battle that has to be fought if our children are to retain any individual or social freedom. We may not quite see the jack boot on our streets today but in not challenging the current erosion of our rights, we are contributing to the increase and development of more and more stomping grounds.

    H H

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