On Monday 3rd October there will be a FAC Open/Public Meeting in St Anne’s Primary School in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow G40 2RA at 7.30pm.  Fans of all clubs and non-football fans are welcome as this is an issue which affects us all.The purpose of the meeting is to bring people up to date with the campaign to have the Offensive Behaviour Act repealed and also to highlight some recent and disturbing actions by the Police Service of Scotland against FAC activists. Continue reading “FAC PUBLIC MEETING”

KANO – 5000th Child ‘Over the Turnstile’

The Previous Celtic Network site were proud to support The KANO Foundation for the unselfish work they carried out on to help under privileged kids see a football game.

This latest incarnation of TCN (INCORPORATED 2011 no like some) is equally proud to support and celebrate Kano’s 5000th Child ‘Over the Turnstile’. Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were celebrating KANO 3000.

I was a bit shocked to realise tonight that @KanoFoundation only has just over 8,000 Twitter followers. Don’t get me wrong 8,000 followers ain’t that bad but consider this.

The original TCN had over 15,000 followers and I done nothing but write stuff and link up Celtic fan sites. The KANO group do a helluva lot more work than I ever done running a site. I look on in astonishment to see that ‘Celtic‘ fans site/blogs who largely write more about another Glasgow club have 2 or 3 times the followers than KANO.

KANO are CELTIC and deserve all the support we can give them.

The next time you are looking for a Celtic Twitter account to follow make sure it’s KANO 🙂

all the best KANO fae TCN x

Read this and celebrate good work: http://www.thekanofoundation.com/5000th-child-over-the-turnstile/




Green Brigade’s Big Mistake.


Myself and this site have always and will always support the Green Brigade but I won’t blindly ignore their self inflicted mistakes.

I’m not going to bang on here about blow up dolls in other parts of the stadium, tasteless as they might be or idiots smashing up toilets. What really pissed me off last Saturday was one banner. “Know your place Hun Scum”.

Now I don’t have a problem with “Know your place Huns” despite the protestations of idiots the word Hun is neither sectarian nor racist unless you are slagging off a nomadic tribe that once roamed modern day Kazakhstan. My problem is the use of the word Scum. The inclusion of that word in the banner left both the Green Brigade and the Celtic support wide open to attack.

We all know the press in Scotland is heavily influenced by Level 5 pr and that they will take any opportunity to have a go at Celtic and our support. With that said I’d love to know what the fuck was going through the minds of the people who thought that banner was a good idea ? I condemn that banner not because it was bad PR but because it is highly offensive to call people scum no matter how nasty and vindictive their actions are. When you go down to their level then you have not only lost the argument but any moral high ground you may think you occupy.

The press and others in this country are more than happy to report anything negative emanating from our club or support. We all know they don’t go out their way to praise all the good work done by the club and especially the Green Brigade in the community. The SMSM will lie and twist events just to create damaging non stories that hog the news cycle for days.

I don’t have a problem with political demos in football grounds, in fact I encourage it. I would just like to ask the Green Brigade and the residents of the North Curve to think very carefully about what is written on banners in the future. Let’s not leave anymore open goals for our enemies to exploit HH.

Let’s have more of this.

Scrap The Football Act Info

Click here to see how long you have left to play your part in repealing the Offensive Behaviour Act! Continue reading “Scrap The Football Act Info”

An Gorta Mór Glasgow


“We’re Building a Famine Memorial in Glasgow”

The Celtic Network supports efforts by Coiste Cuimhneachain An Gorta Mór (Great Hunger Memorial Committee) to build a memorial to victims of An Gorta Mór who fled to Glasgow and Scotland during the great famine. Continue reading “An Gorta Mór Glasgow”

FAC activist targeted by police


Things have taken a cynical turn and it would appear that Police Scotland will go to extrodonary lengths to hold on to their ‘budget boost’ from the Scottish government. Continue reading “FAC activist targeted by police”

Welcome to The Celtic Network FAC Files

the celtic network.fw

When I set up TCN in 2011 it was against the background of the so called ‘shame game’ and the SNP’s ‘Summit’. Little did I realise that football fans from every club in Scotland would be criminalised from the outcome of the SNP’s ‘summit’. I won’t rake over the coals of the ‘shame’ game, we all have eyes in our head and as such know what happened. Continue reading “Welcome to The Celtic Network FAC Files”

Calling SNP Supporting Celtic Fans

Hail,Hail !

James Kelly, MSP for Glasgow, is consulting on  a Members’ Bill to repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Scotland Act 2012. Currently there is support across all opposition parties in the Scots Parliament for a repeal of this ill thought out piece of legislation. The only party in favour of retaining the Act are the SNP government.

On behalf of the vast majority of football fans in Scotland who want the act repealed I’m asking all Celtic fans who are members or supporters of the SNP to lobby their local party or MSP. Please let them know of your opposition to this illiberal act.

It is vitally important that members or supporters of the SNP, who attend football ask your party’s representative why they would vote to maintain an act that does nothing to fight sectarianism/bigotry in Scottish society. Also, ask them why in times when the national budget is under sever pressure millions of pounds are being wasted on FoCUS.

Football fans need to see beyond party political lines and come together to help repeal Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

For more information please visit. https://scraptheact.com/

Thank you,