CELTIC, Down But Not Out !

It’s been a brutal start to this season. The early games were fine back in July but since then something’s gone missing. The team look flat and bereft of ideas at times. Somewhere between July and now the energy and intensity we were known for has been lost.

This doesn’t mean it can’t return, it’s only September after all.

I think back to season 2008 and we were equally as poor as we are just now in March  and we managed to put a run together and win the league with the same players who had been poor for most of the season.

Also in season 2011/12 we had a poor start and still won the league.

There are definitely problems surrounding the team at present but I’m not privy to what goes on at Lennoxtown or the upper offices at Celtic park. Whatever is going on needs to be addressed asap.

I still feel we have the best players in the country. Now it’s down to Brenden getting them back on track and Us supporters to support.

It’s easy to support when your winning.

Hail, Hail


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