3-2-1 and Breath

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours for Celtic fans. Never experienced anything like it in my 54 years.

Let me start by saying that I and many others expected Brendan Rodgers to leave in the Summer. If he had he would have went with good will behind him.

Unfortunately the manner in which he left was disgraceful and has tarnished every good thing he done. But enough of him.

The board acted quickly and brought in Neil, a real Celtic man. His remit is to guide the players through to seasons end. Hopefully he can deliver the treble, treble.

Thrown right in at the deep end he and the players grabbed a dramatic and important 3pts against Hearts.

The performance wasn’t great but the players showed a hunger and desire to fight their way through a tough match.

So here’s to Lenny and his team, here we go 8 in a row.


I’ve not blogged much in the past year due to poor mental health. Hopefully I’ll be  back to offer my usual mince very soon



1 thought on “3-2-1 and Breath

  1. He didn’t seem to take much persuading to join a club with delusions of grandeur, if my memory serves me well he took a lot longer to be persuaded to Manage the club ” he loves” and to just fook off the day before a match is less than impressive. Whoever is in charge when we win 10IAR will be remembered for a lot longer than some false, veneeered teeth, self loving twat.

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