Sectarianism On The Rise ?

I see Police Scotland are now bumping their gums about a rise in sectarianism. Probably down to the fact that they want more money to video and harass football fans since the abolition of the OBAF act.

Truth is that it’s less than it was in the 1970’s but more than anyone of us would like.

From a Celtic fans view I personally have noticed a slight rise in chants including “Orange Bastards” over the past year. This is something we as a support must take ownership of and call it out. There is no room in our support for bigotry and sectarianism.

However. There’s a big Elephant in Police Scotland’s room and for that matter the Scottish society also.

The amount of sectarian Orange marches are more frequent than when I was young. This is not only unnecessary but costly to the tax payer in many ways.

These marches are amplified via a club who play out of Ibrox. What other reason can you have for an orange strip ?

Sectarianism and bigotry are learned in the home not at football matches and not only in the west of Scotland.

Police Scotland and local councils should turn their attentions to the real cause and stop using football fans as scapegoats for society’s ills.

1 thought on “Sectarianism On The Rise ?

  1. Over 300 Orange Order triumphalist marches each year in and around Glasgow spewing forth their sectarian bile and anti lrish racism.
    When challenged about this in the Evening Times story threads their usual defence is ‘Republican parades’.
    They ignore the glaring difference, one is sectarian and the other political.
    Those Republican marches are so far and so few between l would urge the bands themselves to announce that they will never march on our streets again.
    This would at one swipe dismantle the OO’s ‘if they can do it… so can we’.
    Then those politicians who are repulsed at the harm these throwbacks do to Scotland’s reputation might, just might do something about the absurd numbers of OO marches.
    My preference would be a blanket ban on all street marches with the provisio that Glasgow Green or the likes be made available for their orange fests, policing and security paid for by the organisers of course.
    The National Front is banned from marching because they offend our ethnic minorities. Why then are RC’s and lrish deemed Fair Game in today’s supposedly forward looking Scotland?

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