Celtic In For Morelos

The latest on the gossip net is that Celtic are in for Alfredo Morelos, I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I seen it on my Twitter feed.

Lets take a deep breath and consider the following:

  1. Why would Celtic line sevco’s pockets ?
  2. Why would we sign somebody who constantly throws themselves to the deck every minute ?
  3. Why would we sign a player with such a poor disciplinary record
  4. He’s not really that good

Good to see the banter years continue 🙂 but lets stop this rumour here and now.


  1. We do not welcome thugs at Celtic Park.
    The board would lose ALL credibility if this were true.
    His background, thuggery and cheating is not suitable for our club.
    The Klan are welcome to him.
    I believe this nonsense is put about to generate interest in him which otherwise would not be there.

  2. It was a @JohnMcKenzie88 that started this shite with a comment on Twitter
    He also revealed that Scooby Doo is in fact A CAT.
    I can confirm that to be 100% CORRECT

  3. If sevco can’t sell this clown (bear in mind in the January window there were ZERO offers) they will again be in dire financial straights as they have already taken out loans with him as collateral… This is sheer desperation with them trying to create interest… ANYTHING will do it seems.. You only have to cast your mind back two months… Where did all the “interest” go when money had to be put on the table… Leave him where he is and watch shit hitting fans all over Hunland

  4. Would he be living in England and travelling up every game cos there’s no way he could live in Glasgow

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