Get EBT Eck Te Feck


EBT Eck has managed to pull off a miricle. He’s made the Scotland team worse than it was. He’s your typicle analouge manager in a digital age.

That ‘performance’ yesterday was beyond woeful, there was no heart, soul or creativeness on that pitch from Scotland. Granted he had call off’s from a couple of quality players but he set the team up all wrong.

The problems in Scottish football and the national team are however far deeper than who the national manager is. It goes to the heart of the SFA.

It’s clear that brother McCleish is out of his depth and only got the job to help him pay off Hector.

As the majority of fans are now saying, wee need root and branch reform at the SFA or Scotland will continue to slide down the world order and our domestic game will continue to suffer.

The longer we leave it the worse it will get. It’s time for the clubs to come together and push through fundamental change at the SFA.

Have a good weekend, Wullie.

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