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Hi everyone, this is a short introduction outlining why The Celtic Network was born in 2011. For more on our history please visit our History page

The idea of The Celtic Network (TCN) came about as a direct result of the so called ‘shame game’ involving Celtic and Rangers 1872 (IL) in 2011.

The idea was not triggered by that game but the response of politicians, Police and mainstream Scottish media who immediately tried to blame the fans who attended that game.

It must be noted that only 29 arrests were made by the Police at a game that over 60,000 fans attended. Yet this prompted the Police to call for more powers to tackle these alleged football ‘criminals’. What a joke. The only people to blame regarding this game where professional football players, coaches and managers.

As a result a summit was called involving the two clubs, the Police and the Scottish government. To this day I still don’t understand why Celtic participated in that sham. All this lead to the SNP government railroading the “The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012” through the Scottish Parliament in 2012.

Being a web developer I decided that the Celtic support had to find a way to counteract and expose the misinformation and lies spread by the Scottish mainstream media, politicians and the Police.

At the time I ran my own Celtic fans blog at and was conscious that there were quite a few other Celtic fans sites and emerging podcasts.

The problem for me was that they were scattered around the internet and their wasn’t a central site where the sites could work together and provide a free and reliable platform to deliver Celtic news. My sole purpose was to create that centralised website and thus The Celtic Network was born.

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