Bigots Blame Roman Catholic Schools.

roman catholic hatred

Obviously I have picked up on the story of Rangers fans chanting anti-Irish and anti- Roman Catholic Songs at the weekend. This is now the 3rd time in as many months. This must be addressed.

I was away on the idyllic isle of Harris when this happened but I had internet access, so I knew what was going on in Glasgow.

Scotland in 2021 is a multi-cultural society full of people from many religious and cultural back grounds. This should rightly be celebrated.

Unfortunately, anti-Roman Catholic bigotry and anti-Irish racism is still prevalent by a section of people who tie themselves to Rangers FC. The outdated Orange Order and their parades don’t help either.

Yesterday across the many social media channels I frequent I have noticed the usual suspects laying the blame for this racism and bigotry at the door of Roman Catholic schools.

This is wrong and should be fought at every turn by all Scots.

I myself have no religion however along with my Roman Catholic wife decided to give our girls an RC education. We made the decision purely on the grounds that the local RC schools were the best performing schools in our catchment area.

Included in the curriculum was religious education. My girls where openly taught about other faiths and the need to respect and be tolerant of other peoples religious and faith beliefs.

So, I know for a fact that RC schools do not promote religious intolerance. No school of any denomination does to my knowledge.

The people who use the RC schools to blame for bigotry and intolerance are the very people who are bigoted.

This hatred is bread in homes across our society, therefor it is incumbent on all of us living in Scotland to work towards brining an end to discrimination and intolerance.

I suggest as many Scots as possible check out and support


2 thoughts on “Bigots Blame Roman Catholic Schools.”

  1. I went to school, church, Sunday school, and NOT a word uttered was remotely sectarian.But at home (well).
    As my parents were of mixed religions (west Coast religions that is there’s only two ?) it was NOT spoken about in a derogatory way. If you did 1of your parents was the enemy.
    Over the years I’ve put it this way. Get the bigots to , speak about your grandKids and Not your grandparents they would be struck dumb. The people that died or fled the famine in Ireland were of many religions. So why call the singing of the song sectarian (IT’S RACIST)

So what de ye say ?

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