Kick It Out !

kick it out

The phrase kick it out has been used in football for some time, what we want to kick out are gambling and alcohol companies involvement in Celtic and Scottish football.

Football is a wonderful sport that can help with general wellbeing and improve mental health. So why do we pander to Gambling and Alcohol which often contribute to misery and poor mental health ?

The stats are out there and we can no longer hide from them. We believe that it’s time for Celtic and other Scottish clubs to ditch gambling and alcoholic drink companies. They are not compatible with a healthy sport like football.

We rely too much on money from these sectors, surely it’s not too hard to find different partners to sponsor our clubs and the game in general ?

It’s 2021 and it’s time for Celtic to find more suitable partners to sponsor us.

2 thoughts on “Kick It Out !”

  1. As a compulsive gambler I am fully behind the Kick it Out campaign. I haven’t gambled for 41yrs, but I am still a compulsive gambler, 1 bet away from self destruction #2.
    Celtic don’t need money from this industry – I am sure that family friendly companies out there would be more than happy to see their logo on the front of a Celtic strip, and would be willing to pay for the privilege. Too many lives are destroyed by gambling, and Celtic should play no part in that destruction.

So what de ye say ?

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