Video – Vile Anti Catholic Hatred

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Good afternoon, today we have decided to post a video of vile anti Catholic hatred which emerged on out twitter account yesterday.

Although we are mainly back to support Celtic fans in investing in the club, TCN has a strong history of calling out bigots, sadly even within our own support.

We would like to make it clear that this article is strictly under the banner of TCN and we do not speak for any of our partners in this instance.

For far too long Roman Catholics in Scotland have received very little support from government, anti bigotry groups and Scottish society in general when compared to other minority groups.

As stated before, I am a man with no religious affiliations, however I will defend and fight for the rights of my Roman Catholic wife, kids, wider family and friends.

We call on all Scottish people, from all or no faith backgrounds to highlight cases of anti Catholic bigotry and anti Irish racism. Together we can defeat the sheer hatred shown in this video.

I believe that this video was taken in Glasgow during an Orange parade.

I apologise in advance for the vile language used in this video. Please support the efforts of Call It Out , you can also follow them on twitter @Call_It_Out_

We would also ask that you forward this video to and fill out their hate crime form. These people should be identified and prosecuted.

*Please note that I made this video age restricted and it should only be watched by over 18’s such is the vile content.

So what de ye say ?

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