Celtic Fans Survey

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Hail, Hail, and welcome to our first Celtic fans survey. Today we would like your feedback on the issue of fans shareholdings in Celtic.

We also want to find out if you are or would be interested in proxying you voting rights to the Celtic Trust, and how you feel about other matters.

Registering a proxy in favour of the Celtic Trust is one way we ensure that our collective strength is used at Celtic General Meetings.


*We intend to publish more information on how proxying your vote works soon. Proxying your vote does not alter the fact that you hold the shares in your name or the name of a nominee.

Please complete all seven questions. This survey will run till Thursday 30th September at 12.00 pm. We will publish the results on Friday 1st of October.

Please share to allow us to get a greater sample of opinions.

Thank you.

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