UEFA Are Fascists

UEFA are fascists

UEFA are Fascists, now that’s a bit of a statement, I’ll give you that but it’s also the truth. Below is the definition of fascism from the Oxford English dictionary;

fascism noun

(also Fascism) an extreme right-wing political system or attitude that is in favour of strong central government, aggressively promoting your own country or race above others, and that does not allow any opposition.

Now, I’ll leave you to judge if UEFA are right wing but they certainly promote their organisation above others and defiantly it does not allow any form of opposition or criticism aimed towards them.

What’s this article all about ?

Yesterday Celtic FC were fined 12,500 euros for the crime of “a fan showing an anti UEFA banner” at Celtic park in our last euro home game.

This is disgraceful and a blatant attack on the civil liberties of anyone attending a football match run by this cabal. How and when anyone at a football match chooses to air their displeasure or disagreement has absolutely nothing to do with the body running that particular game.

There is plenty of evidence in the public domain of both EUFA and FIFA officials being corrupt, taking bribes and ‘hospitality’ along side their huge salaries.

At times like these when there is evidence of corruption in these organisations it is incumbent on the paying customers (fans) to raise these issues for the good of our game.

We should not allow ourselves to be side lined and silenced by these fascists. It’s high time that football fans across Europe and the world organised mass coordinated protests against these corrupt football regimes.

Next years world cup was awarded to Qatar, a state with a long history of repressing their peoples human rights. There are huge question marks as to why Qatar won this bid and how migrant workers were treated while they built the stadiums and infrastructure.

That would be the ideal place and occasion for football fans to carry out mass protests against the type of organisations who are happy to turn a blind eye for oil money.

Rant over

HH, Wullie

1 thought on “UEFA Are Fascists”

  1. Agreed. They are killing football as a sport.
    Money is their God. Don’t follow their corrupt rules and bow to their ‘divine’ authority, you go to Hell.
    Who the fk do these people think they are?
    The elitist structure of the ‘Champions’ League (you know, the one that Champions often don’t get to play in, but runners up and 3rd and 4th teams do? ) has all but killed the dreams and romance of every European team outwith the top 6 clubs.

So what de ye say ?

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