The Celtic Network Is Back

Hello to everyone who followed us since 2011. You’ll all be aware that this site comes and goes. This is mainly down to my bouts of depression but never because I fall out of love with Celtic or my fellow supporters.

The main reason for this latest return is to help FAC get the repeal of the OB act over the line. But there’s another reason and that is to once again to ask Celtic fans to shun the SMSM.

They have their favourite team and will continue to push ‘fake news’ on their behalf.

Over the next few days we will be adding news feeds from Celtic sites and podcasts. As in the past we will not host any 3rd party ads or try and sell you tee shirts.

Our main goal will always be to promote Celtic fans independent media and to stand up for our fellow Celtic fans.

This site will always be free. Donations are welcome but not necessary, I’m happy to pay for this myself.

The past 18 months have been the greatest time of my Celtic supporting life so I’ve sort of run out of things to moan aboot but I’m sure that will change 🙂

Anyway, welcome back and feel free to contact us at if you have a site or good cause you would like to promote.


Wullie Broon.


8 thoughts on “The Celtic Network Is Back”

  1. Hello, Wullie Broon,
    Have’nt seen your stuff b4 so had a look at archive. Will certainly look to your blog in future based on past work.
    HH Nick66

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