FAC meeting abandoned after Scotland’s Shame turn up. #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 9 of 84 Nov 12th 2011

The wife and myself made it down to Whitehill secondary for the FAC public meeting. We arrived around 12.45 and left by 1.00.

We were really looking forward to to hearing the speakers and getting ideas on pushing the campaign forward. Unfortunately five minutes after we arrived a group of RFC casuals turned up and announced themselves by shouting “Trick or Treat”. They sat themselves at the back of the small lecture theatre and someone from FAC told them that this was a serious meeting and that no one wanted any trouble. Not one of them had the decency to answer or allay any fears that they were there disrupt the meeting.

My wife became very uneasy with the atmosphere that developed so I suggested that we go out and move the car into the car park get some fresh air and then see how she felt. Well she made it clear when we were outside that she did not want to go back in. I agreed because I had a real nasty feeling about these lowlifes. They were not there to support the campaign but to disrupt the meeting. So we headed home. On the way back to the car we met another Celtic fan who said there was no point staying after “they” had turned up.

I don’t know what happened after we left but I’ve read some unsavoury chants were made. The problem with the Rangers support is that they have a large group of mindless facist thugs who follow that club. These people represent the dregs of Scottish society.

I feel sorry for those who organised and attended the meeting in good faith but once again Scotland’s Shame ruined the day.

4 thoughts on “FAC meeting abandoned after Scotland’s Shame turn up. #tcnfacfiles”

  1. The meeting actually went ahead, although a few people did decide to leave. I chaired the meeting. The janitor called the police and they attended, the young Rangers supporters were there along with Sandy Chugg, they were a bit mouthy, but nothing happened. I would say the meeting certainly didn’t pan out the way we expected it to.

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