Illicit Scottish Songs. Your move Alex. #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 14 of 84 Nov 26th 2011
Here’s a few Scottish songs that might put you in Jail under the new law.

These songs are openly seditious to the Crown, openly anti English and one openly slates King William of Orange. As a Scotsman I’m proud of these songs. However this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as oppression in Scotland is concerned. Scotland got totally raped in the same way as Ireland did by the English and their home grown collaborators (now known as the Conservative and Unionist Party ).

How can an SNP Government sanction an attack on Irish folk songs while Scotland’s peoples sing the same songs about fighting oppression ?

Scot’s and Irish are one Celtic people, we are not like the Welsh who allowed themselves to become a Principality of England. The Scots and the Irish have a proud tradition of fighting the oppressors and I’d go as far to say that’s why we also share a Socialist outlook. Therefore Irish folk songs of struggle against English and then British oppression have the same legitimate right to be sung in public just like these Scottish songs.

Alex Salmond and his lackies have opened a can of worms in regard to “Rebel” and “Illicit” songs. If they pass this bill then they will have to prove to the UK Supreme court, European courts and possibly the UN that Irish rebel songs are inflammatory and Scottish rebel songs are not. This is how far we may need to go if this so called “Bigot Bill” (as termed by BBC Scotland) becomes law.

Best of luck Alex. Try and explain why these songs are not offensive to somebody.

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