Institutional Sectarianism in Scotland ? #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 5 of 84 Oct 11th 2011 #tcnfacfiles

We picked up a tweet by @FACKilltheBill today which contained a link to an article on the Scottish Law Reporter blog. It appears that the statistics for sectarian attacks in Scotland since 2003 have been destroyed by the Crown office.

These are the very statistics that Alex Salmond assured the Catholic church would be released in order to show the true nature of sectarian attacks since 2003. It is believed that the Statistics would show that the majority of victims of sectarian attacks were Roman Catholics and that the vast majority were surrounding Orange parades  and NOT football games as the Police would like us to believe.

Once again this reinforces the view that the current anti football fan bill making it’s way through Parliament is a nonsense as it would appear that the majority of sectarian offences have nothing to do with football and everything to do with the intolerance of the Roman Catholic faith in Scotland.

The fact that these statistics were destroyed by the Crown office should raise many questions not only from the public but from MSP’s as well. However the main question that should be asked is. “Is this evidence of Institutional Sectarianism in Scotland”?

You can read the blog here

This Bill will do nothing to address the root cause of sectarianism. The problem runs through Scottish society like a cancer.

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