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Before you read this from 2012 here is a wee note to James Dornan MSP. James I know you read this site so in future if you are going to quote or use anything on this site in the debating chamber here are two tips.

  1. Make sure you quote correct numbers, not ones you make up.
  2. Check the actual date the article was first published.

You really made a clown of yourself.
Best regards.

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Let me start by stating that I want Independence for Scotland, I intend to vote yes in the referendum in 2014. However in tomorrows coulncil elections I plan to vote for a local independent candidate. This will be my protest to remind the SNP that I am not happy at the way the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. was forced through the Scot’s Parliament.

This was against the wishes of the general public and to my mind criminalised a section of Scottish society. I said at the time I would not forget that and I won’t when I vote in the local council elections tomorrow. Anyone who witnessed the Glasgow derby at the weekend will have noticed this legislation did not make one bit of difference.

I urge every other football fan in Scotland to do the same. Hopefully this will give the SNP the kick up the arse that they need and ensures that his law is withdrawn before the 2014 referendum.

Make sure you vote but not for the SNP

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