Remember today when you go to the ballot box #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 16 of 84 Dec 14th 2011

The SNP have got their way and pushed through an ill thought out and dangerous piece of legislation against the wishes of most of the country. They have succeeded in criminalising football supporters and done absolutely nothing about sectarianism in Scottish society. This smacks of narrow minded thinking and total arrogance.

Will this law prevent RC Churches being vandalised ? Will it stop the sectarian attacks and intolerance which surround Orange Parades ? NO is the short and sad answer.

This government had a chance to stand up for the minority and not only have they failed but they have also found new ways to suppress and criminalise their Culture. If this is a taste of independent Scotland then it’s a nasty taste and therefore I personally can not support a move to independence as long as this type of law is passed.

Remember today when you next visit the ballot box. Do you really want a Government capable of brining in this type of ill thought out and insulting legislation?

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