Since when do you need a songbook as a moral compass ? #tcnfacfiles

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If some thing is wrong then it is wrong. We humans are gifted with common history, intelligence and a thing called gut feeling to help us form moral judgments. Unless it’s a book of religious hymns we don’t rely on an approved song book to know the difference between what is good and what is morally repugnant.

Ally McCoist media darling and cheeky chappy has insisted that a song book will stop sevco fans singing morally repugnant songs. So this will be ‘the wee blue book’ volume two. Since the last one in 2007 did not work how does he expect the new one to work? Are they going to include pictures?

We all know that a song book will not kill off sectarianism and racism in society. These are deep routed and ingrained mindsets that need challenging full on in society ,in the class room and most importantly in the home. Sevco will never eradicate the bile from their support while the media in Scotland give them an easy ride and while Alex Salmond turns a blind eye when it suits him.

We keep being told that it is a minority of Sevco supporters who indulge in anti Catholic/Irish hate songs but I think we all know that is not the case. If it is indeed a minority it’s a large minority. We also hear that decent The Rangers supporters are fed up with this. If that’s the case where are they, who is their voice, where is their representation ?

These problems at sevco need to be tackled from the inside. The old cry of  ‘both sides are as bad as each other’ is a lie. When Rangers FC died and the new club was formed their was a chance for a fresh start unfortunately Charles Green aided and abetted by Mr McCoist and elements of the Scottish media decided to pander to the lowest common denominator in the dead clubs support the ‘white underclass’ as it has been coined. From that moment on it became carry on as before.

Once again the Scottish Football Administrators and Mr Salmond should hang their heads in shame for letting down the decent people in this country.

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  1. As long as over 300 racist/sectarian Orange triumphalist walks/parades in and around Glasgow are allowed….nothing will change.
    The NF is banned from marching through our streets as they offend our ethnic minorities yet each year the RC community are offended with this blatant disregard for their rights.
    Westminster must ban these and if not can Holyrood halt this cancer?
    Remember, these peepell are pro London rule…true blue Brit nats.
    Ban them from our streets now!

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